Choosing your makeup in the morning

Poohkie recently asked me

Since you have a LOT of blushes, how do you decide which one to wear every morning? With the little makeup I have, I end up taking AGES to choose which product to use...
I thought I would just expand her question, and give you a general idea on how I choose my makeup in the morning.

I generally choose my attire for the day first and that follows my choice of makeup.

For office, my makeup routine is fairly simple. The first product I choose is the eyeliner. Sometimes I match it to my outfit (Charcoal grey liner with a grey shirt) or stick to a simple deep dark brown when I am unsure.

Next I choose my lip color, this depends on my mood, my dress and also the occasion. Sometimes I use a light nude rose color, sometimes I use deeper plum or berry colors, smudged lightly onto my lip, or as a gloss.

It is the lipcolor that actually determines my choice of blush, so if I have used a light rose color, I tend to opt for softer pink blushes that match in tone. If I have used darker berry or plum shades, I use blushes that matchingly are deeper in colors.

My eyemakeup determines how much I layer my blush though. If I have an intense, smokey eye look, with lots of liner, then I apply the blush very sparingly. But if my eye makeup is rather neutral, then I tend to apply a little bit more. It's all about balancing the two.

Below are some lipsticks blushes combos that I regularly use:
  • Revlon lipstick Rosy Nude / Soft Rose  = Max factor cream blush in soft pink / NYX Rose Petal/ NYX Natural
  • Revlon Cherries in the glow gloss = NYX blush in Red
  • Maybelline Plum Perfect Lipstick = Max factor cream blush in Soft Murano / Colorbar blush in Fuchsia / NYX cream blush in Diva
  • For a bronzy look = Colorbar Plum brown / NYX cream blush in Tan topped with NYX cream blush Golden.
  • No - Brainer  = Bourjois Blush #33, Lilas D'or. This is my go to blush when I can't make up my mind. It looks good with all kinds of eye and lip makeup. I just vary the amount I layer on, depending upon the overall look.
So there it is. I hope it helps.

How do you gals decide which blush to wear?


  1. Wow great post....I just love Revlon Cherries lippie.

  2. Tanz..for night look i prefer bronzy shades and for day peaches and pink..though lot of it depends upon my mood too.

    great post as usual:)

  3. everything depends on my eyes-

    if my eye makeup is heavy, i use my only pink blush and a light peach/pink lipstick

    if my eye makeup is light, i use my coral blushes and deeper/brighter shades of lipstick

  4. Nice post, and you have a great collection of lucky!

  5. First I choose my outfit and then I usually wear an eyeshadow that matches or compliment it. As for the lip color, I wear pinks or peaches if the eye makeup is heavy or colorful. If instead my eyes are natural, then I'd use a brighter, deeper shade of gloss/lipstick.

  6. very nice post...
    hey i hav jus written my 1st post..need all of urs suggestions on it..

  7. hey..cud u do a swatch of all your nyx blushes

  8. YAY thanks for answering my Q Tanveer! I've been sick for the past few days and reading your reply made me smile :)

  9. lol when I was in university - I would just wash my face and put on some moisturizer and do my make-up on the way. Don't worry I wouldn't do it while driving. I would just wait for the red-light and then put on some tinted moisturizer or compact foundation. Then when I had to wait for parking I'll put on whatever blush I had in my make-up bag I have in my purse...I would stay clear of too bright for day blushes and then whatever lipgloss I had. I usually did my eyeliner in one of m breaks. I am going to miss uni.

  10. I hardly have time in the morning- concealer, kajal, and mostly i reach for MAC Peaches- it goes with everything!. Or sometimes Maybelline Peach satin. Definitely need to expand blush collection. Hardly have any variety..


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