Do your feet blush?

I read a very, ahem, interesting post today on makeup products that have been launched abroad that help your feet fake the pinkish blush they had while you were a kid.

Honestly I don't really remember my feet ever being pink, but they are generally in pretty good shape. They do tend to tan rather quickly, because I am too lazy to slather sunscreen on them, and I also hate that sticky feeling I get when we apply lotion on the feet. But I do have a repertoire of great products & some tricks that help keep my feet in good shape.

1. Bleach for the feet: This is my quick fix method of dealing with the horrid tan lines I get on my feet. Since the skin on the feet is pretty thick, I don't suffer any redness and my feet match the rest of my legs in just 15 minutes. It is a little messy, so keep a newspaper handy to place your feet on while the bleach dries.

2. Khadi Dead Sea Mineral Salt Mixture: I use this atleast once a month to make a nice foot soak for my feet. This is a mixture of epsom - magnesium salts along with orange and lime essential oils. It smells very good and helps break down dead skin cells, destroy odour causing bacteria, and also softens up the feet. I just add 2 spoonfuls to a bucket of hot water to which I also sometimes add the juice of a lemon. I soak my feet in this for 20 minutes and I am done.

3. Cold Cream & Socks: sometimes in the hectic rush of life, my feet get neglected for weeks on end and start crying out for moisture. I do my intensive night treatment by apply generous amounts of thick cream or vaseline (any cream or body butter works just as well) and wear a pair of old cotton socks on top and just go to sleep. In the morning, voila! feet are soft and smooth.

4. Dark nail paint: This is my cheat code. If I have just 5 minutes, I paint my nails a dark deep shade of black, navy blue or deep berry. The contrast makes my feet appear lighter and instantly more polished (pun intended).

I don't use any scrubs on the soles of my feet and especially hate going for pedicures as the soles of my feet are very, very sensitive, and I find the sensation of a scrub or brush there very painful.

What is your routine for blushing feet?


  1. oh god i cheat with dark nailpolish too :P
    it's such an amazing trick, isn't it?
    i mean, feet look instantly clean and even toned.
    mine have a tendency to tan and look weird :(

  2. mee doo the nail polish thing..i also regularly body bath gloves on them this avoid dead skin ..

  3. i pamper my feet every other day and find its more easier for me to keep my feet in good condition rather than after a week etc.. i love using scrubs esp. st ives nourishing scrub .. amazinggg! :)

  4. even i do the nail polish thing. tats the most easiest thing!

  5. Ooh in that case try William Tell Me All About It by OPI. It's from their Swiss collection. If you can't find that shade, try to look for Tell Me Moor! which is from the Espana collection (same shade, just re-introduced for the Swiss collection). That shade makes my tan feet look glorious.

  6. Warm water soak...cold cream and socks works for me.


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