Lotsa Blog Awards!

I have just been lazy over the last few weeks, but I have to do this now. I have been at the receiving end (pun unintended) of a lot of blog awards & time now to pass on the mantle.

First award was from Poohkie who is the author is of the lovely blog Poohkie's Palace. You must check out her blog for her super duper easy make it yourself kajal recipe for the blackest black kajal

I also think I got some awards from Srish of Style Fashion Etc (visit her blog for the latest fashion trends) & Mehak of Peaches & Blush (very sensible makeup advice for Indian girls new to makeup), but unfortunately I can't find those awards now :(.. I am sorry.

PS: This is what happens when your maid just goes AWOL on you for like 2 weeks now. Scatterbrain attacks.

Anyway, I would like to thank my fellow bloggers for all the lovely awards, and my readers for reading my blog :)

I would like to pass on these awards to all Indian Makeup Bloggers. Everyone is doing a gr8 job in their own sweet way and you all have lovely blogs that I have come to really like.

Have a nice week people!


  1. Hey !!!

    these maid issues..i feel like jumping from my building because of them :P

  2. Hi Tanveer.I know its not the right place to post my questions but I am so confused where to post them.you always help us with makeup so may be u can give some ideas about how to store & organize them?how do you organize your makeup products ???

    oh,one more thing.what do you think about married girls wearing fancy/costume jewellery (not the traditional gold or silver ones)??? Should women more than 30yrs age wear those??Its a question my elder sister wants to know.

  3. Haha...I see everybody go crazy when maids go AWOL. That's why I don't keep one :D

    Congrats on yr many awards T


  4. Congrats on the awards Tanveer you totally deserve them

  5. hey thanks for mentioning me. I haven't mailed you as yet. Will send in some time.

  6. Congrats Tanveer :) Its so nice to get one :)

  7. I don't keep one cus of three reasons, I don't like liers(maids lie), I am too emotional (I have this super huge corner for poors, I can allow them to loot my house)and I love doing my household chores on my own(It's fun!!).

    COngrats Tanvi, you really deserver these blog awards and many more are on their way for sure!!


  8. @Anks: So glad u understand!

    @Monali: No issues :)

    I am the last person who should advice you on how to store or organize your makeup. I just have this huge vanity case and I have dunked all eyeliners on one side & lipsticks on the other. Everything else that is too big or won’t fit in is in this jute bag next to it. That is my idea of storage & organization. I just take care to close everything tight in zip lock bags so no dust can enter & also keep it away from sunlight

    As for fancy jewellery, I defiantly think women more than 30 can wear them. But just keep them classy. Invest in pearl or semi precious stones. Even if you get oxidized metal get those that look good and feel expensive. Don’t buy anything in plastic or with shoddy workmanship. Basically it should not look cheap like you bought them in the local train. I hope I was able to help you.

    @CZ: If you don’t have a maid then who does the housework??!!

    Thks CZ :)

    @Shuchita, Bhumika: Thks

    @Poohkie: Thks for the award sweety!

    @Aarthi: It is! Thks

    @Shoppingaholic: Thks :).. I honestly hate doing housework, and plus my job leaves me with little time.


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