Maybelline Unstoppable Liner in Expresso (Brown) - Review

What it claims: Waterproof liner glides on to define your eyes effortlessly for ultra-smooth application.
  • Smudge-proof, stay-put formula won't budge until you want it to
  • Self-sharpening packaging swivels up and down so point is always sharp and ready to define
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, ophthalmologist-tested
How to use: Apply along your lash line from the inner to the outer corners.

Price: Rs. 200

1. I bought this after reading a comment by Rima on a post. She had recommended this for its long wearing abilities, and she was absolutely right. I apply this at 7 in the morning, and at 8 in the evening, I still have this on both my upper & lower lash line. Just as pigmented, and dark. No smudging.
2. No sharpening. I quite like twist ups just for this convenience. Makes it a good product to carry with you when travelling.
3. The Brown color (Expresso) is pretty pigmented dark coffee brown and shows up well. It is a matt shade with no shimmer.
4. Comes off easily with any makeup remover and does not create a mess
5. Didn't irritate my eyes, but then I don't wear contacts.
6. It is pretty economical at 200 bucks

1. It is not very smooth as a liner. You will have to put a slight bit of pressure to apply this.
2. This needs a minute or two to set. If you rub it during this stage, it will smudge. But once it is set it is good to go.
3. Only 2 colors - black & brown.
4. Doesn't stay put on the waterline very long. It does have a bit of trouble on the waterline, both during transfer and in terms of staying power. That's ok for me, since I don't waterline in any case, but if you are planning to purchase this for the waterline only - I am not sure it would do the job.

Will I repurchase again: Yes. I really like this one, ever since I have been wearing this I have been getting a lot of compliments.

It is a nice cheap liner that I can use everyday, the black brown smokey color payoff is good and staying power is awesome. I have been wearing this almost daily for 2 weeks now, and almost everyday someone stops me to appreciate the liner and ask me which brand it belongs to.


  1. Hey the thing's sound's great....The price looks quite reasonable. Must try it!

  2. Sounds really nice but I need the ones for my waterline :(

  3. @Rakshanda: I like this liner a lot for daily wear.. I hope you like it too :)

    @Retnu: It is quite nice on me.. :)

  4. @Aarthi: I know, this might not be great for the waterline because the moisture prevents it from setting, IMO.. Better to invest in another liner for waterline purposes :D

  5. ok.......thanks tanveer.....this is definitely in my list next time i go shopping :D

  6. Ok this is in my list please :P

  7. I love brown liners but for some odd reason they never show up on my eyes.How good is the color payoff?
    Wish they had more shades but pretty cheap at 200.

  8. there are many things i like about this liner. its sleek packaging, the twist up format, the price and the most important thing- the colour. it's such a rich, beautiful, chocolate brown that's difficult to find in other brands. this is a must have in my stash though i have better liners. glad you liked it too :)

  9. When I swatch the pencil on my hand the color seems fine but i guess since I have dark circles they don't show up.But still will give it a shot.

  10. Heyy nice review Tanveer and glad it works so well for you...can you do a swatch of it if possible?

  11. i like i like...wud get for sure :)

  12. Twist-up fav..I wish they had more colours in these though..why only black and brown?

  13. this is odd...i have the same unstoppable eye liners, but mine look different! the tube is silver and the lid is the same colour as the liner. I have it in dark brown and sapphire. but mine are not good at all :( they rub off very easily and are quite waxy and hard *sigh*

  14. mine looks like this:

  15. poohkie, that's the old packaging. the quality of the liner is still the same though. you didn't find it long lasting? they are waxy, yes.
    and tanveer, you get blue liner too, as poohkie said. sapphire. i dunno why i forgot to mention that!
    and this pencil doesn't have a built in sharpener.

  16. @IMW: I hope u like it

    @Anamika: heheheh. I am getting quite bitten myself by your love of foundations. Planning to try Revlon Colortsay after reading yr review

    @Sonia: I mostly use brown liners only, as black looks too dramatic on me with my coloring, Best reserved for a night out. The colorpay off is good on me, I suggest you can try this at the counter on your upper lash line, Get it sharpened to avoid infection and remove soon after you have made up your mind.

    @Rima: I liked this one too a lot. The color is amazing. Thks for pointing me to this gem

    @HD: Yea, I am happy too it worked for me, considering the price and the color! Swatches are up :)

    @Bhumika: Hope u like it as much as I do :)

    @Rads: They have this in blue as well, just skipped my mind as blue is not a very favourite color of mines for the eyes (clashes with green).. Thks Rima for pointing it out. :)

    @Poohkie: I too have it in the same packaging as you.. This is the new packaging in the image that I got from the Maybelline site. But the product is the same. Too bad it didn’t work for you. It happens. I don’t think there is a single product invented that has worked perfectly for all women, on some it is HG, on others it is just Meh.. :)

    @Rima: Freudian Slip. I don’t like blue liners as they make my eyes look pale & grey. By self sharpening I meant because of the twist up format, the pencil point is always sharp and ready for use, there is no need for a pencil sharpner. I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my choice of words.

    Thks for pointing both out Rima :)


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