The Body Shop Luxury Flannel Facial Washcloth - Review

What it claims: This silky-soft cloth is the gentlest way to wash your face. Washable by hand in warm, soapy water or in the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Pair with your favorite cleanser.

Price: Rs. 295 for one.

How to use (Not given on site, my own experience): This washcloth dries to a rock hard (I mean this - it literally becomes rock hard) consistency between uses (if you use it once in 24 hours). Before use soak or hold under running water for 2 minutes, it becomes soft once again and and gently wipe away cleanser/face pack using the Luxury Facial Flannel.


1. It dries completely to a rock hard peice of material between uses, this prevents contamination or growth of bacteria
2. It is very good at removing the last traces of makeup under the eyes and even taking off face packs. I generally use this after applying my cold cream cleanser in the evening to take off makeup. It takes off every bit of the cleanser and makeup with it. Facepacks come off smoothly without creating a mess.
3. Extremly gentle on the face, it has a very smooth surface


1. Boy, does this thing like to hold on to stains! It stains with the dirt and makeup like no tommorrow. And no matter what you do (read: wash with hand, wash in machine, wash with Tide) the stains just lighten marginally, but they refuse to go. After a while of use the washcloth starts to look very, very grubby! It even takes on the color of the face packs themselves (Mine's turned red in patches when I used it with Biotique Fruit Pack)
2. Very difficult to store. Once dry, this thing is just rock hard, you just cannot fold or bend it. So basically it takes the shape you leave it in to dry. Left on the clothes line, once dry it looks like an oversized Taco. This makes it very difficult to store.
3. It feels a little weird, the texture is very silicony & just feels a little weird on the skin initially.

Would I repurchase: Nope.

I liked how nicely it cleans and takes off all the makeup & cleanser/facepacks, but after a while it gets so badly stained with the dirt itself that I don't feel like using it at all! Maybe they should start making this in black or brown, I might re-purchase it then.


  1. ooo....bad it stains n gets hard..
    i wud get the facial buffer instead..was out of stock last tym :(

  2. hey any idea how d bodyshop n chambor concealers are ?
    both are in pencil form i think..

  3. I am quite excited to knw that it dries rock hard :) wud be fun playing arnd with it na..trying different shapes :) :)

    On a serious note...looked quite an interesting product...sad that it stains no trying :(

  4. ohh i was so tempted to buy this one.. i have seen this problem in most of the body shop products...even the loofah and gloves get dirty very easily..

    they should come up with new dark colours.

  5. Hello!
    i look into your blog an is amazing!!
    I follow it!
    Kisses from Spain!!

  6. I agree with every single word on this post...Really good and complete reviw

  7. Oh no! I was thinking of getting this sometime :( Thanks for the review.

  8. Stains on the cloth is a total deal-breaker for me!

  9. I wud prefer the facial buffer to this

  10. i was about to get this one for myself... but not now... thanks for the great review :)

  11. @Bhumika: the buffer is amazing! I am sure you will love it :D.. Btw, no idea on concealors from both these brands, not tried either.. but I have read online that TBS one is quite decent

    @HD: Yea, I suppose you could play around with it like that.. I know, it totally looks super intresting until it turns different shades of brown & black..

    @Anamika: Glad u didn’t waste money on this! My buffer got dirty after 6 months of continuous daily use, this one was spoilt in a month’s time

    @Gema: Hey, tht’s so sweet! Thks a lot for your wishes :)

    @Maddy: Thks :)

    @Appu: Glad to save you some pennies, I don’t feel like using it now that it is stained.

    @Sharon: The two serve different purposes, this is soft and delicate enough to use around the eye area to take off all makeup from tha lash & waterlines in just one swipe. It is great for cleansing makeup. The buffer is for exfoliating. But between the two the buffer is a better buy.

    @BeautyDiva: Glad to save you some pennies :)

  12. Oversized taco...LOL. I can imagine that would be hard to store. I think I'd pick a towel over this then :D


  13. thanks for the review. I hav always wanted to buy this....but now...will let the urge pass ;)

  14. I have this wash cloth - and it does stain but I can wash it off with Palmolive Anti-bacterial hand soap. All the makeup and face mask stains come right off.


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