How I use a Cold Cream

I love cold creams. These thick emulsions are great for my dry skin and using them liberally during the night ensures that I can get by the day with a very light gel moisturiser.

Cold creams are best used by those who have dry skin or on dry patches like elbows/feet. Oily skinned gals can try this, but at their own risk.

My favourite cold cream is Jergens All Purpose Face Cream. Once a week I use sesame oil instead of this.

I use this in the evening. Once I have removed all makeup, I apply a generous amount of this all over my face and neck and gently massage this with finger tips for 5 to 10 minutes. I also spray/spritze a little bit of rose water on my face (very little mind you) and work this into the cream midway. I do this while watching TV, generally Masterchef Australia :-)

The massage helps liquify and melt the cold cream, this benefits the skin in two ways:

1. It helps the cold cream penerate deep and moisturise from within, and also liquify any makeup/dirt in the pores to prevent clogging.
2. The rose water helps build hydration and the oils in the cream help lock that in

Post that I leave the cream on for another 15 - 20 minutes while I watch some more TV, and then I just wipe it all off with a slightly damp cotton. A face cloth can also be used. I generally don't apply anything after this. Only in winters do I follow up with a light application of Fab India Vit E Cream for Dry Skin.


  1. wowww..great use of watching this post, very very informative for dry should write more about skin care.

  2. I use jergens only as a I have combination skin..i want to try d fabindia vit e hydrating one for oily skin next..
    I use morning nectar to massage face dis way...after using a scrub...n it goes nicely..

  3. A good idea and must try wid winter approaching.
    (Masterchef Australia <3) :D

  4. nice info about the humble cold cream. thanks for sharing :)

  5. great info. but i will skip this. i have super duper oily skin :D

  6. @Rakhshanda: Thks :)

    @Bhumika: I am using the fab india vit e hydrating cream for oily skin as day cream (after reading all the "fab" reviews) & it is actually very nice :)..

    @Sharon: I hope you like it. I too love Masterchef!

    @Beautydiva: I love cold creams, they are simple, made with a few basic ingredients & are so multipurpose - they cleanse, they moisturise.. Love them

    @IMW: Yea, I really don't know how this would fare on oily skin.

  7. I too use this on the dry patches on my is thick but really good..nice review!!


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