Lakme True Wear Nail Color (Gypsy Collection) Review

What it claims: Inspired by the bohemian, rustic gypsy trails this season, wear rich, deep colors with just a hint of shimmer. From mystic indigos to ruby reds and from plush purples to henna golds.

Price: Rs. 90 per bottle

  • 243 is a deep indigo, inky midnight purple
  • 245 is a bright fuchsia pink with self colored shimmer
  • 043 is a light ocean blue (this is a very sheer shade - the rest of the nail paints are just one coat. This is a double coat)
  • 422 is a bright chilly red with self shimmer (This is a very happy red, it is red, but it is too bright to look sexy or sophisticated)
  • 530 is a sheer mustard yellow-gold color (honestly, it just looks yuck to me)

I quite like some of the colors like 243 (purple), 245 (bright fuchsia) & 422 (red). The price is decent at 90 bucks, they dry quickly.

Some of the shades are just atrocious, like 530. The staying power of these is not very nice, they start to chip terribly within 12 hours and by the end of the day most of the nail paint has chipped off. The finish too is a little rough, not as smooth or glossy looking. None of the shades are earthy, subtle or even office wear (unless you are game for it). I wish they had got more dupes of Chanel like Khaki brown, olive green in this collection as well.

Overall Opinion: I liked 243 & 245, both are intense deep but bright shades that I quite liked and are nice to wear in the festive season ahead. Although I will have to use a clear  top coat to give them glossiness.

I like my nail paints to have a glossy liquid mirror kind of finish that these lack. 

These products were sent to me by the PR/Company for consideration, but that has not affected my review in any way.


  1. they are pretty okiesh ..nothing special naa?

  2. @anamika: I agree, they are just ok. Not bad, but nothing gr8 either.

  3. I didnt really like the shades :( too dark and nothing different na

  4. I wanted them to come out wth a duper for khaki vert :(
    Anyway, im dying to get my hands on rose trio blush- its not available anywhere...please ask the PR in question why this is so :P

  5. Nothing spectacular, is it? I don't see anything too different from the regular collection.

  6. Hey they look pretty fine. Great post!

  7. I didnt like any of these :(

  8. Some how non of the lakme cosmetic products impressed me sadly :(.

  9. None of the shades are exciting :(
    Wid all the blogs dedicated to nail polish its time indian companies like lakme woke up and gave us some on trend colors

  10. @HD: Yea, the shades are dark. I liked the purple one though. It is a deep glossy black purple.

    @PnB; I know! I would have so liked them to do some dupes for the chanel shades.Yea, the rose trio blush is still not out as yet, maybe they are building up a frenzy so it is sold out when it launches on Day 1 itself. :D

    I’ll ask the PR if they know anything about the delay

    @LadyLavender: I don’t use lakme nail paints generally so I can’t say how this differs from their regular collection. Shades are ok. I like the purple one, but then I do have a leaning towards goth shades for my nails.

    @Rakhshanda: Thks :)

    @Aarthi: :)..

    @Bhumika: Yup, I agree, they are ok. Not bad, but not gr8 either

    @Crazypoplock: Happens…

    @Sharon: I agree. :).. colorbar is getting some good reviews from fellow bloggers. Maybe you could check those out :)

  11. hey, y are good nail polishes so hard to find?
    seem to be just ok...


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