Mass Products V/s Expensive Products

I was reading an article on Skin Care Myths when I came across this:

Myth or fact? When it comes to beauty products, expensive brands work better than mass-market products.

MYTH. Mass lines make more money, so they can afford more research and development. Among the best: Unilever (which does Dove and Ponds), L'Oréal (Vichy and La Roche-Posay), and Johnson & Johnson (maker of Neutrogena and Aveeno, which has its own research institute). A recent study found that 80 percent of women who followed a skin care regimen with mass-market products showed fewer wrinkles and healthier skin than when they used pricier lines.
I could not find the study they had quoted.
I have been using Ponds & Neutrogena products & have found them to be quite good. I haven't used Clinique or other top line skin care products so I can't compare, but this news does make me happy.
Just means more savings for me. :-)
What do you think? Have any of you found this to be true.
You can read the original article here


  1. Well I too havnt used any high-end skincare products but have used ponds and some other drugstore brands and quite happy with the yes this does make me happy too :)

  2. I agree with you Tanz...I have used Fab India products which have come out way better than Vichy for me.

    Even a simple mass product like vaseline works remarkably well then many other high brand.

  3. I too don't own any high-end products. It's great to know that you get great results from inexpensive products as well.

  4. This news have made me happy too:D. I have never thought expensive products work better than mass ones. That's why I've never bought Clinique or other such brands. I'm be happy with drugstore skincare products.


  5. yaa...i think fabindia,lotus,biotique,aroma magic all have der own best products which r super nice n work well..1 need not necessarily spend a lot on high end products wen we r getting gud results wit these...:)

  6. I am from Brazil and I love your blog. I have using mass products in my skin care routine (Neutrogena, Vichy and La Roche-Posay - I use these brands because I have sensitive skin). They are good for me. It is great to know that mass-market products work better than the expensive brands.
    As you Know, we speak Portuguese in my country. So sorry about my English.


  7. Yeah it's right...mass products do work better than expensive ones...thanks for this post!!

  8. Talking about money savers, Tanveer can you help me out with finding Elle 18 lipsticks (the ones with the balm in the centre) in mumbai? Mucho appreciation

  9. @Anon: I really don't know myself where Elle 18 lipsticks are sold in Mumbai. I have only seen their liquid liners in a few general stores, but draw a blank when I ask for their lipsticks. Maybe some other Elle 18 fan can prompt us in that direction. Any one who knows where we can get Elle 18 in Mumbai?

  10. Hi Tanveer,

    I am really happy to find ur blog.It is very useful.I need a small advice from your end.
    My husband is in europe and he has plan to buy some loreal cosmetics for me(I have sent the list to him :-)))

    Do the products are better there price wise as well as quality



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