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I have my engagement soon. I'm medium complexioned, kindly suggest some basic economical make up essentials I need to have coz I'm going to be doing my own makeup! Also please suggest a good lipstick(price doesn't matter for this) with long staying power to avoid reapplication every now & then after consuming food.


Congrats on your engagement Naaz. Here are some products you can try

1. Foundation: If you can get MAC or MUFE HD Foundation that would be really good. Or else you can try Revlon Colorstay, or L'Oreal. If your skin is pretty good with hardly any scars or you need less coverage you can get away with simple Ponds Tinted Moisturiser. In pressed powder even maybelline whitestay UV compact is nice, Maxfactor too has nice foundations. Try to get one that suits your skin type & color best.

2. Concealor: try MAC or NYX Concealor in a Jar if you have dark circles or have acne marks on your skin.

3. Loose powder: Lakme Rose Powder or The Body Shop Loose powder to set your foundation and concealor. Especially useful if you have combination or oily skin.

4. Mascara: Maybelline or Bourjois are both good options. Mascara should be waterproof if you think there might be some tearing up at the event (all Indian weddings are super emotional, you never know, get waterproof. One less headache)

5. Eye shadow: You can either get NYX single eyeshadows or else their palette (you will need an eye base under this). Another good option is Colorbar, they have both singles and palettes, which are of good quality. Before applying eyeshadow use a base (NYX makes one) or else just apply some foundation, top it with light dusting of powder & then do your eye makeup.

6. Eyeliner: Lots of options here, Maybelline, Colorbar, Revlon, Lakme all make good pencil eyeliners in both basic black as well as colored ones. For liquid liners I like Maybelline and Lakme both.

7. Blush: Maybelline & Colorbar have good options in pinks & peaches. Jordana is another cheap option but it is sold only in Mumbai.

8. Lipstick: Since you want a long lasting lipstick with no touchups, you could opt for one of those long stay, long wear lipsticks like Revlon Colorstay. Even Maybelline has such a range. I personally find them very drying & would recommend that you try Revlon Colorburst lipsticks. These are very pigmented  and when they wear off they leave behind a stain that looks nice.

9. Lip Gloss: Maybelline ColorSensational Lipglosses are my favourite, followed by Revlon.

Also please buy a nice set of makeup brushes - foundation, blush & eyeshadow at the least to help you apply these products. Vega are the cheapest ones around. The Body Shop makes some really nice brushes.

I hope this helps you Naaz! Any products that you readers would like to recommend?


  1. very very informative post.All products, you have recommended are lipsticks I recommend Chambor lipsticks...I hope she will find them great...

  2. hey rly informative post..lakme prods r rly economical n for lipsticks i think chambor one's are good..chck em out here:

    and makeup prods here:
    hope this helps

  3. Very helpful Tanveer! I have bookmarked this dear!


  4. I would suggest her d new mac pro long wear for d engagment if its available here coz heard great reviews bout it...
    the jordana lip pencils n eye pencils,colorbar glosses,blush n d warm n cool palette..
    body shop cheek n lip tint
    body shop or chambor cover up concealer also I heard is gud..
    rest u hav covered up pretty much everythg..
    loved too bookmarkin it..

  5. I love Maybelline blushes! I have one of their dream mousse blushes, as well as a powder one.

    About to follow... as I am addicted to blush as well :)


  6. Yay! for economical! :D U listed all my fav cheap brands



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