Lakme Earth Rose Trio Blush - Review

What it claims: A palette of complementing earthy shades that are super easy to apply and perfectly buildable. The silky smooth highly pigmented formula allows for effortless, uniform application blending in easily for a gorgeous  glow. The three shades complement each other, to create endless options for defining, highlighting and accentuating features.

How to use: Use the lighter shades of Rose and Peach to highlight the apples of your cheek.Then use the brown shade in the hollow of your cheekbone to create the contours.

Price: Rs. 600/- (This is Limited Edition)

1. The colors are oh-so-pretty & just perfect for most Indian skin tones. The lighter brown-peach has a touch of shimmer to it, while the rose & brown are matt. The trio works perfectly, whether used in the manner given above, all 3 blended together or else even each color separately. I like using the rose & peach mixed together, it looks like a very pretty summer flush.

2. The blush is very fine milled, pigmented and smooth. It blends very easily to a nice finish - no powdery looks here. The shimmer is subtle & makes the skin glow. Although I have dry skin, it glides on very smoothly & did not emphasise any driness.

3. It looks very pretty - the design, you almost don't want to use it for fear of spoiling the design.

1. It doesn't last at all on top of a cream/liquid foundation. Used on top of my Ponds Tinted Moisturiser, it didn't last even 2 hours. The foundation just absorbed the blush. It lasts longer if I apply this over a layer of loose powder or else use a liquid/cream blush & then layer this on top.
Overall: I really like this blush. The quality is superb, intense payoff & the color is just amazing. Almost all bloggers are raving about this beauty - & the praise is well deserved. 

Have you tried this LE blush?
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  1. u know wat Ponds TM actually hates blushes, when i used my Maybelline blush on top of it, it dint last for 30 mins, and when i used the same blush on top of bourjois, it lasted for four hours...

  2. i agree with Rentu on this..and i was so waiting for your review on this Tanz:)

  3. Great review as usual, your reviews tempt me to buy the products. Thanks alot Tanveer :)

  4. lovely review :) I wish I had Lakme in my country too.

  5. Aww this is lovely...hey do give the swatches.
    I'll surely get this:))

  6. Lovely review, now i am tempted to buy this.

  7. i have dis...n m new to blushes...i hope this stays fine n works for i quite liked d colors...

  8. Hey Tanvi, I have awarded you with Stylish blogger Award. Please come and accept it!!


  9. hey, love the blush....will get it soon..and thanks for the review

  10. beautiful....

    now that makes me the only person here...without this blush..I am so getting it

  11. u know I've used this on Ponds TM and it stayed pretty well on me :)

  12. @Retnu: I generally use cream blushes so they seem to stay on fine on Ponds TM, but powder blushes are a big problem! I agree, Ponds TM does seem to hate powder blushes :)

    @Anamika: I thght I was the only one having trouble with Ponds TM & powder blushes not getting along! :) I hope u liked the review, the blush looked real nice on you btw :)

    @Beautydiva: i hope u also end up liking the prdts I tempt u to splurge on :P

    @Sara: Ohh, too bad lakme doesn't even sell online. But i am sure you are not missing out on a lot :)

    @Rakshanda: Thanks! Almost all other bloggers have done hand & face swatches for this. I am just being a lil lazy & greedy here, but I won't being doing swatches, as this is LE & I love it too much to even waste a tiny bit on swatches. Sorry! :(

    @Amy: I hope u like it & buy it before it runs outta stock

    @Bhumika: Isn't it just so pretty to look at?? I love it. It'll work great, just don't apply it directly on a cream/liquid foundation.

    @Shoppingaholic: hey! thks for the award.. I'll def chk it out

    @SSG: :D :D.. I hope u like it!

    @GGG: hehehhe, go get it :)

    @HD: Lucky you, it worked with Ponds :).. i wish it wld work as well on me too, wld eliminate an unneccesary step :)

  13. It's so lovely, no? :). T powder blushes stay well when you have powder underneath, so yeah definitely use powder before this


  14. @Poohkie: i hope you are liking it! :)

    @CZ: It is so pretty, I get conflicted.. I wanna use it, but I don't wanna spoil the design. Yes, it works well with powder like you suggested :)

  15. @tanveer, i know what u mean about lasting power...a few hours and its off ! but i dont use powder either so thas probably it !!! It was also the most recommended blush in the blush guide ! Adding this to it too!


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