Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks (Gypsy Collection) - Review


From L to R: 663, 426, 266, 531,
129, 130, 424, 425 & 664
Richly pigmented lip color that feels like a drape of luxurious satin. Sunscreen, vitamins and olive extracts leave you with the softest, smoothest lips ever! Indulge in chilli reds, terra cottas,
exotic sangrias and earthy rusts.

Price: Rs. 225 /- each


From L to R (sunlight): 663, 426, 266, 531, 129, 130, 424, 425 & 664

From Bottom to Top (in shade): From L to R: 663, 426, 266, 531, 129, 130, 424, 425 & 664 

Review: The color selection is nice, the shades will suit most Indian skintones. I personally liked 129 (it's the peachy pink swatch right in the centre) & 664 the best of the lot. The other shades are nice too. Colorwise I like the selection, although it is very conservative and sticks mostly to terracotta shades. I didn't like the browns in this collection - but then I don't like brown lipsticks at all in any case.

Quality wise, these are just ok. They last only for 2 hours & fade away without any tint. They are also a little drying and if I don't use a lipbalm with this, I get chapped lips. The texture is creamy, while they glide easily on application - the overall texture tends towards a matt look, making these perfect for day wear. The purple outer packaging is very boxy & ugly.

Have you tried any of these? Any favourites?

These products were sent to me by the Company / PR for review purposes, however that has not affected my opinion of these products in any way.


  1. I liked the earthy shades, but I did notice that the colours stayed if I applied several coats. What I didn't like was that they fade badly... unlike the pricier brands. Know what I mean?

  2. Hi Tanveer, its too drying for my chapped lips. Have to apply atleast 3 coats for intensity but like you said fades out. Complete disater :( Lakme lipsticks dont suit me :(

  3. i love ur review Tanz :) atleast u do justice to all the stuff and dont mislead ur readers ...
    i m just fed up hearing all good here and there ...
    u r so right the lippes r too dry

  4. the shades are very beautiful..not dark..I love the pink peachy shade...i haven't use any Lakme Gypsy collection lipsticks till now but I love Lakme's other lipsticks which I have...I'm surprised to know that the quality of this collection is not too good.

  5. they look so pigmented but fade out in 2 hrs :(
    Not good Lakme

  6. I am totally off Lakme lippies and I think forever...same old colors !! just dont like thm anymore

  7. lol! me too liked 129! my next purchase is that!

  8. not a fan of lakme lippies..129 is gud though...
    I have 2 awards for u on my blog...:)

  9. I never buy lakme lipsticks as they never suit me and i end up not using 'em but the swatches of the new collection looks awesome!

  10. the swatches look good, but if they just stay for 2 hours, and dry lips, then not worth it :(

  11. Your lipsticks look good, whereas mine are all dented and squished =[. Lovely favs are 531 & 129 (I think...forgotten the nos)


  12. @SpeakingChic: I know! I too like the shades, but the quality is not very nice. They fade first at the centre, then at the edges & don't even leave behind a tint.

    @BeautyDiva: I can't wear these myself unless I use a lip balm, & I hate the fading myself. Love the colors so I try & persist :P

    @Rashmi: Hey! Thks so much! Glad u liked the review & thank you for your kind words :)

    Yup, they don't compare at all to Revlon Colorburst.

    @Rakhshanda: I don't know if the problem is only with this collection or the rest too, I have never liked lakme lipsticks. Earlier when I was a novice, I had no idea that better stuff existed & I thght these were amazing. Now after having used Revlon, I just don't like these anymore.

    @Sharon: I know! Pretty colors but not built to last :P

    @HD: I totally understand what you mean & why you feel that way. :)

    @Flamante: I hope you like it :)

    @Bhumika: hehhee.. Thks for the awards, i will chk it out :D

    @IMW: Yup, all pretty terracotta shades & very wearable :)

    @Retnu: They don't dry out so much if used with a lip balm, but then the lip balm causes them to fade faster!

    @CZ: awww! I thght only yr eyeshadows were spoilt by that nail paint spill! I love 129 too..

  13. what colour will suit me ???????
    my skin tone is yellow.


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