Lakme Sheer Satin Lip Gloss - Review

From L to R: 21, 42, 22, 51, 11, 41, 61 & 23
What they claim: Drench your lips in molten shine, with this smooth, feather-light gloss for hours of dazzling, mirror-like shine. Infused with moisturizing vitamins so you can treat your lips to an ultra-comfortable, satin finish.
Price: Rs. 325/-

1.  These lipglosses are quite pigmented and thick, they last for a good 2-3 hours on my lips, even more if I use lip pencil as base.

2.  All of them have nice, fine shimmer – doesn’t feel gritty, and are quite shiny! The gloss shimmer is never OTT.

3. I liked all the shades except 22 (a brown) & 51 (a lilac based pink). Number 11 is my favourite though :-)

4. They smell like bubblegum – these glosses are very heavily scented, so this is not like a light whiff. The pink bubblegum fragrance is intense & cannot be missed.

5. They are quite moisturising as well.

From L to R: 21, 42, 22, 51, 11, 41, 61 & 23
1. While they have good lasting power – when they wear off, they don’t leave a tint behind.

2. The shades have no names – there is only a number at the bottom. I personally don’t like a number system for makeup, makes it difficult for me to remember and associate shades with numbers.

Overall: Some of the shades in this range are quite nice. Although I did like 11 the best! Lasting power is decent like all lip glosses. Has the regular doe footed, sponge type wand for application. For those of you who are sensitive to smell, please take a whiff before you purchase. These are quite heavily scented.

From L to R: 21, 42, 22, 51, 11, 41, 61 & 23
Have you tried these?

This product was sent to me by the Company / PR for consideration, but that has not affected my review in any way.


  1. Lovely colors and you say they are moisturising also. Has staying power and highly pigmented. Thats a complete gloss. I must try out asap. Thanks for the review :)

  2. well i dont like very shiny glosses! somewhat like bourjous 3d lipglosses! i like sheer ones!
    they look really nice in the pic
    but are they very shiny or sheer or somehwhat in between?

  3. lakme is reallie coming up with some gems offlate...

  4. @BeautyDiva: I find almost all glosses to be moisturising, I have never come across a gloss that dried out my lips :).. These do stay on for 2-3 hours unless you are going through lunch :P.. I hope u like them :)

    @Flamante: These glosses have shimmer so they are bound to be a little shiny. The darker lipglosses in this range are less sheer than the lighter ones - but don't expect coverage like liquid lipsticks - these are after all glosses and by nature lip glosses tend to go on a little sheer.

    These are not as shiny as Bourjois 3D though..

    @Retnu: Yup, I found this collection to be quite decent.. the kajal & the trio blush are just awesome!

  5. @Anamika: Thks :D that means a lot, knowing that I am like new to all this swatching & taking pics business :) :).. So happy u liked them!

  6. shade 22 & 11 look sooooooo pretty :-)) ..

  7. Hey, I like the way you review makeup, esp the emphasis you give to colours, and the "overall" you add at the end. Been tempted to buy Bourjois blush; now I'll buy it after my current one gets over. :-)

  8. wow, these colours are amazing!! I'd love to try them out one day!

  9. Lovely swatches! My favs are the lilac one & 11 :)


  10. wow these shades are amazing! really pigmented and great colors! wow!

  11. i think maybelline colorsensational glosses r better n cheaper..rite ?
    dunno d qty though..

  12. Thats a great review! Might actually give some of those shades a whirl! :)

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  13. Love them all, especially nr.11 :)

  14. @ShoppinginB: Yup, I like 11 too :)

    @SpeakingChic: hey! Thanks a lot :) Glad u like reading the reviews :D

    I hope u like the bourjois blush :)

    @Beauty Addict: i hope u like them!

    @CZ: Even I like 11, the lilac pink one just looks a bit odd on my pigmented lips, but it looked very nice on you :)

    @IMW: Yup, they are nice glosses.

    @Bhumika: Yes, the maybelline ones are cheaper, but I also think that they offer much lesser quanitites. As for better, I think both are pretty much the same for me. Compared to Maybelline, these have much finer & better shimmer, making them easier to wear. But then it is a minor diff, I guess it comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two.

    @Alotlike fashion: Thks! I'll def chk out your giveaway :)

    @L: Even I love 11 :D


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