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You must be wondering, what is this dry skinned gal doing with a cleanser meant for oily skin – recipe for disaster?

Well my hubby really liked this at the store (he has very oily skin) and I could not resist using this once back home. I used to have very oily skin during my teens & was plagued by acne. The pimples have gone, and skin has dried thanks to my A/c lifestyle but I still get black & whiteheads.

What it claims: Deep dark cleansing facial scrub for young, dark and oily skin. A lovely, black, squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils and exfoliate your skin. Nutritious avocado oil softens your skin, glycerine keeps the moisture in and black sugar softly scrubs; rhassoul mud is anti-microbial and cleanses deeply, while sandalwood and rosewood essential oils are soothing, giving you a feeling of smooth, clean freshness that is difficult to beat.

Ingredients: Rhassoul Mud, Cold Pressed Avocado Oil (Persea gratissima), Glycerine, Powdered Charcoal, Black Sugar (sucrose), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Perfume, *Linalool, Sandalwood Oil (Santalum album), Rosewood oil (Aniba rosaeodora).

How to use: Dampen your face with warm water. Place a pea-sized chunk in the palm of your hand and add water to create a paste. Apply to your face using small, circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Best used within 6 months from date of purchase. By the way I store this in the fridge as I feel Mumbai is just too hot & humid for these exotic, handmade, with no preservatives products. The Lush SA had explictly asked me not to store it in the fridge, but it is my experience that they last longer when stored so. I even stored my Angels on Bare Skins cleanser in the fridge (I bought it in April) and it is still going strong. I just make sure no water enters the product.

Price: Rs. 795 /- for 100 gms.

1.      It exfoliates and cleanses my skin very well. It always leaves it clean and glowing. Most of my whiteheads are gone after using this.
2.      While it helps reduce the oil around my nose, it has never left my skin dry. I guess it is the avocado oil in this mixture. It softens my skin a great deal.
3.      Rinses off easily, it has never left black spots on my face.
4.      My hubby who has oily skin loves this – it leaves his skin feeling clean and fresh.
5.  You need just a pea sized amount for the face & neck, considering how much 100 gms is, I think this will last a long time.


1.      The charcoal is quite abrasive; I prefer to use this like a face pack. Make a paste, apply all over and leave for 10 minutes before washing. I just rub the paste on my chin & nose – the oily areas. Even my hubby finds it too abrasive for daily use & prefers to use this not more than 3 times a week. I use it once a week.
2.      Little messy to use, thanks to the powdered charcoal. Especially if you have a white sink, like I do.
3.   The store refuses to sell less than 100gms. For someone like me, who uses it occasionally, this is quite wasteful as I will not be able to finish so much within 6 months.
4.   This is not a con of the product. At the store, the label that was affixed to the pot listed the wrong ingredients - when I was browsing through the Lush site, I noticed that the ingredient listing on my pack was that for Coal Face Soap, and not the Dark Angels Cleanser.

Will I re-purchase: I am hoping my hubby will re-purchase so that I can dip into it myself on a weekly basis.

I do love using this cleanser as my weekly exfoliator, I love using it before any major party to get an instant glowing facial in minutes. But at the rate at which I use it, it will probably expire before I even get done half –way, & the store refuses to sell quantities less than 100gms.
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  1. nice review. if you get those little white heads, I recommend the cupcake mask...its amazing, really! I have dry skin, but I get those white heads, so I like to use lush's cupcake mask to calm them down.

  2. nice review dear :) , i have to try this for sure , hope it helps my oily skin and hubbies too , he is toh super oily baap re :)

  3. Thanks for the review Tanveer, I really wanted somebody to review this one :)

  4. vo this is interesting Tanz...I have read a lot about the storing problem of Lush..they give good quanity but expiry date is something which every one is worried about?

  5. Tell me about the value for money thing for Lush packs....I have an expired face pack right now with me...I could hardly get 4 packs before it expired...Now for $20 for a expect a little more

  6. I hope LUSH is listening to this conversation and do something about it

  7. I have been wanting to read a review of this.......but u being dry skinned its working for u..huh? i have super oily skin and if its moisturising enough for u then it may not work tat well for super oily ppl like myself.but still its working for ur hubby rt? now am confused :(

  8. more brand not available in Chennai. So what's new?

    About the getting rid of makeup thing, I should have clarified - I'm only tossing out stuff that is past expiry. Most items will be given away to others.
    You said that you're just trying to use up stuff you already have & not keep on buying things. Is there anything in particular that precipitated this process? I'm trying to understand why/how other people are doing this.

  9. @AOYV/ Shivani: I am planning to get that cupcake mask next. Thks for the reccos :)

    @Rashmi: Hey, I hope u like this. :)

    @Shuchita: I hope u found the review useful :)

    @Anamika: The SAs at Lush always ask me not to store the product in fridge when I ask them. But in my experience the product has always lasted longer when stored in the fridge. When I ask them the reason – they are blank, they just mumble, no don’t keep it, it will spoil, I think it wld spoil faster if left outside. And I so wish they would offer lesser quantities, 100 gms is just too much, esp when their cleansers are so concentrated & potent.

    @Maddy: I can understand, it just irritates the heck outta me to have such an expensive product spoil. I think they should sell lesser quantities, it just results in waste – waste of product & waste of our money. I too hope Lush does something about it.

    @IMW: This is a daily use cleanser for oily ppl. I am pretty sure if I used it everyday it wldn’t suit me. In any case, you can always try Lush products at their store – take a sample home & try. I hope u will no longer be confused after that :P

    @Poohkie: Really! There is no Lush in Chennai? Strange! They have stores in Bangalore..

    Ohh ok, I thght u were giving away stuff that was fine. Yea, I am just trying to finish up the makeup I already have and not trying to buy more. What made me do this? Nothing in particular caused this, I just was going through my stash one day & I just felt that I had too much already. So I decided to finish off what I have first. :)

  10. I have yet to try lush scrubs but yr review is tempting me ..have u tried any other lush scrub? I have dry skin, plus blackheads around the nose area...They had this ocean salt scrub was almost going to get it but stopped myself

  11. have to try out this product myself... I also dont like abrasive products on my skin...

    have you tried out Himalaya neem face pack??... Helps with the oilness a lot...

    check out the review in

  12. isn't it nice when a completely unexpected product works 4 u.Its like a bonus

  13. @P&B: I have just tried 2 things from Lush till date - Angels on Bare Skin & Dark Angels. Tell me about about dry skin & blackheads - I just don't understand at times what skincare prdts to use! :P

    I haven't tried Ocean Salt coz Lush says it is for oily skin, honestly I wld have never bought dark angels also. Just so happened that hubby liked it & I was beneficary :)

    @SIB: Then I don't think u will like this - this prdt is quite abrasive.. I have tried the Himalaya neem face pack, sadly it didn't suit me at all - & I had tried this during my teens when I had very oily skin. It was too strong & would irritate my skin.

    @Sharon: I know! & to think I would have never bought this for myself ;)

  14. Very nice review Tanu... :)
    I also have super oily skin but the price will keep me away from this.. its too expensive ya..and again it gets expired in six i wont be able to finish this in 6 months..means total waste.. yesterday only i bought khadi's fruit scrub and i think its better option :)

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  15. It looks so good! I might get this next summer :)


  16. i use this cleanser every single takes away all the dirt off from the face, keeps whiteheads and blackheads is harsh and abrasive but i love it.I don't have super oily skin now which i use to but i am loving it.

    best part is i can carry it while travelling unlike other lush product which is lying in my fridge in hyderabad and i cant make use of them now.
    also its is costly but then it is going to last for 6 months...what else i need...


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