The Body Shop Mini Brush Kit - Review

Best if you want: A portable brush kit that includes an assortment of travel-friendly-size brushes: Blusher Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Slanted Brush and Lipstick/Concealer Brush.

How it works:
  • Super-soft synthetic hairs are long-lasting and specially cut to be extra gentle on delicate face skin.
  • Slightly tapered handle made from Forest Stewardship Council wood makes the brush easy to hold and use for controlled, precise application.
  • From L to R: Blush Brush, Eyeshadow brush, slanted eyeshadow brush & lipstick n concealer brush
  • Nifty pocket is just the right size for storing small makeup products.

Price: Rs. 845 for 4 brushes, enclosed in a black kit with mirror.


1. Very travel friendly, the kit is really tiny when closed - just 4 inches I think. Fits snugly. Plus the mirror inside has excellent clarity and gives one a good, albeit tiny view. 

2. The brushes are made of synthetic hair - I avoid using brushes made from animal hair, just kind of freaks me out a bit.

3. The brushes are all very soft and don't shed much, they also retain their softness over repeated washes.

4. The first (from left) fluffy brush is meant for powder blush, it is a bit tiny but it does work well enough for me, although because of it's size it does take longer to apply & blend blush as compared to the bigger ones.

5. The second blush is meant for eyeshadow application, it is again soft & does a good job of packing eyeshadow on the lid, but it is not good for blending. I also use this brush for under eye concealer application, as it is quite good at reaching the inner corners.

6. The 3rd slanted brush is also meant for eyeshadows. This one is okish for blending eyeshadows. But it is quite good for filling in the eyebrows with powder, as well lining the lower lash line with eyeshadow - esp if you want that soft smudgy look along the lower lash line.

7. The last one is meant for lipstick & concealer and comes with a clear plastic cover/cap. I have used it only for lipstick, & found it to be ok. While it is soft, it doesn't pick up a lot of color so one has to repeatedly go back for more to apply. But the tiny size of the brush also ensures that lipstick application, esp at the corners & upper V is very neat.

1. The handles are a bit tiny and take a bit of getting  used to.

2. They claim there is a nifty pocket just below the brushes to store small makeup items, nothing I have is that small to fit in there. The only thing that fits in there are maybe, couple of tiny bindis.

Would I recommend this: Yes.

I find this extremely compact and convenient to use. This is very travel friendly. I also think this is a great purchase for girls who are new to makeup, are using brushes for the first time or are looking for good quality brushes at economical prices.


  1. Good Morning, Lovely...very perfect and comfortable for traveling...I love the eye brushes kit is so cute na...

  2. They look gud for travelling..but I think Elf brushes would work better dan dis..hai na ?

  3. @Rakhshanda: this is gr8 for travel & yes, it looks so chic as well!

    @Bhumika: LOL! ELF brushes are not even half as good as these IMO. If I were investing in brushes & had a limited budget, I wld rather get this than ELF.

    I have used some ELF brushes (not the studio line) but the regular ones that you get at Beauty centre & I feel they are very kaam - chalu, they are scratchy. They are slightly better than Vega, but they just cannot compete with the TBS quality & performance.

  4. Tanz u told me some ages back that u have it and u reviewing it so glad that u review products which you use them for so long.:)


  5. this surely looks like a very pocket-friendly and travel friendly brush kit...and though I havent tried ELF brushes I guess I wud also agree that TBS wud be better..very nice review Tanveer :)

  6. nice review Tanveer might give it a go

  7. i guess these will be my first eye shadow brushes ... i liked their brush quality but i found it expensive. I guess beauty does come in a price

  8. I've been waiting for anybody to review this one. Thanks you came up with this Tanveer.

  9. @Anamika: Hey! you remember! wow :) Yea, I had got this in Feb, this year at their sale. I think I had got some 10 or 15% off on this. Lol, yup.. I do try to use things *a lot* before I review them & considering how much stuff I have, by the time I review it quite some time has passed.

    In fact it has happened with me sometimes that by the time I test/use a product & am satisfied to write a review - the company itself stops making the product!! LOL!

  10. @HD: Yup, it is good for those who travel a lot, Thanks HD :D

    @Shuchita: Thanks! I hope u like it!

    @Chennai Ponnu: If it makes you feel better, most brushes last a very long time. Those made of good quality material like Body Shop should last you a good 7 to 10 years, if you maintain them well by cleaning regularly. So they are more like an investment, plus while I am all for using fingers for applying makeup; makeup brushes do really make a lot of positive difference to the overall look & application.

  11. @Nivedita: Thanks! I hope you found it useful :D

  12. i have a similar kind of brush set, which i got from sheer cover, and only after using them have i realized brushes are necessary...
    nice review dear as always :D

  13. @Retnu: Thanks! I know what you mean.

    Earlier even I used to feel that brushes are a waste & the only brush one needs are those tacky sponge ones that come with eyeshadows. Just pat on the eyeshadow & you are done. & people who invested in brushes are just being wasteful. :P

    Now I know better I guess!

  14. i have seen this and always wanted to buy it......but never did as the handle is sooooo tiny

  15. @IMW: It is tiny na! I have never seen makeup brushes as tiny as this! LOL, but I still love it :D

  16. I have a blush brush from TBS and its too good..Have been eyeing this for a while, but kinda confused if it was good...Guess I will go for it...Hey btw..Ambica Pillai brushes are good k?? Just in case u wanna try

  17. @GGG: It is good quality wise, the brushes themselves are little tiny so I suggest before you buy these - they have demo packs there, do actually try using these on the face with the make up there. It'll give you an idea if you can *handle* the length! lol..

    I have never heard about Ambika Pillai brushes - I know she does some makeup, but I haven't seen it anywhere here in Mumbai.. Do you have any idea where it might be available here?? Wld love to try it :D

  18. wow thats really nice to hear :) i think it is a good pay off if it comes for 5 years ... I ll just think i had two family size pizzas ;). Off to express avenue !!!

  19. I have one too!! It's so handy when travelling!

  20. Nice..might look into this next time in TBS- i got this mini brush kit which came free with lakme purchase but theyr not nice..scratchy and aweful..need new brushes

  21. des r so tiny..i wud prefer getting 1-2 bt bigger 1s..

  22. @ Tanveer - yeah..okies.. i will try handling them a bit at the store before buying..

    Ambika Pillai has brushes too..Here in Del, I find them as small kiosks in malls. Not too sure of any outlets in Mumbai..Will check up if u want.They are often on sale in Fashion n you site..and don't worry, they have a good service+cash on delivery facility too :-)

  23. Really liking this :) Thanks for the review Tanveer :)


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