Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome Eyeliners - Review

From L to R: 62 Brun Mordore, 61 Vert Dore & 58 Noir Bleute
What it claims: Bourjois Duochrome Eyeliner Pencil (Regard Effet Duochrome) is an eye pencil with double reflections for a real duochrome effect. It is enriched with interferential pearls which change colour depending on the light. The high concentration in pigments provides intense shades for the eyes. The soft and smooth lead has been enriched with natural wax so that it glides comfortably across lids with the lightest touch, meaning that smooth lines are easily achieved on both the upper and lower lids.

Regard Effet Duochrome is available in Noir emeraude, Noir bleute, Violet rose, Gris perle, Vert dore, Brun mordore, Tilleul doré and Noir Bleuté.

Price: Rs. 280/-

I have:
  • 62 Brun Mordore (Brown/Peach)
  • 61 Vert Dore (Green/Yellow Gold)
  • 58 Noir Bleute (Indigo Blue/Black)


From L to R: 62 Brun Mordore, 61 Vert Dore & 58 Noir Bleute

1. The colors! Each liner is such a delicious combination of 2 colors with a lovely chrome metallic finish. The liner appears to change color in different lights as the pigments pick up and reflect light. These are very different from all the other liners that I have.

2. They apply smoothly without dragging.

3. Very pigmented liners, no need to apply or rub again & again. I suspect these would work very well as eyeshadows too, though I haven't used them that way yet.

4. They didn't irritate my eyes.

1. They last only for 4-5 hours. They begin to fade on me after 3 hours and pretty much disappear by the 5th hour.

2. Pencil based - not twist up. I don't like pencil based liners coz each time I sharpen them I feel like I am losing/wasting product.

Will I re-purchase: For sure! I love these because they are so different & unique from the regular single toned liners!


  1. wow Tanveer..lovely shades..especially the green...and quality is looking nice...I want to buy all..but i think it's not available here.

  2. Hey Tanveer, is it available in chennai?

  3. those colors are just wow! amazing shades

  4. Lovely colors!!! Rashmi has already tempted me alot with Bourjois Eyeliners...this and the other clubbing one...I am def getting one from these!! The price is also quite reasonable

  5. green and blue look good...oh god..I have so many liners now but all colors tempt me...:(

  6. m tempted to buy this........

  7. @Rakshanda: These are just 3 shades of the total 6 they have. They all are very nice. I think you shd be able to find them in Delhi :)

    @SSG: Sorry, no clue about Chennai & Bourjois..

    @IMW: I agree! So pretty na :)

    @HD: I really like their liners, I have that same clubbing one in silver - blue - grey & it is so pretty. I like their shade selection :).. Yup, & they are priced decently :)

    @Bhumika: I quite like the blue one myself.. :)

    @Retnu: I hope you like them :)

  8. Lovely colours... do use them as eyeshadows and show us the look :)

  9. wow, amazing colors. i just bought few i glide liners from colorbar n now want these too! They r quiet reasonably priced. Will i get them at beauty centre, khar?

  10. by the way thanks for introducing me to such different variety and reasonably priced makeup. ONe just finds mostly high end brands and expensive stuff on other beauty blogs.

  11. they are amazing..i am surely going to get them:)

  12. The green one looks gorgeous!


  13. I am so happy seeing these..I love love love Bourjois duo chromes Tanveer. In fact thse are some of the best ever eye pencils I have used so far. I have Verte-Noir and Brun Mordore.

  14. Ooh! Very Noir Bleute and Brun Mordore :) So vibrant and beautiful!!

  15. I used my bourjois kohl n contour tode..n it smudged..even though I used a concealer :((

  16. WOW! these are gorgeous and seem totally worth the money unlike other over-priced liners (ahem..lakme). Is it supposed to appear different in differnt lights? I'm so keeping an eye out for this.

  17. @Anks: Thanks! Glad u liked the colors :)

    @Amy: Yup, you'll get them at beauty centre, khar. & Hey! Thks so much for the appreciation, I am glad u like reading the blog :D

    @Anamika: i hope you like them too.. :)

    @CZ: It is pretty :)

    @GGG: I love them too! Arn't they just amazing, ohh you have that smokey green Verte Noir?? That is next on my to-buy list :) :)

    @Appu: Yup, these are very nice pencils

    @Bhumika: Tell me about those Bourjois Kohl & Contour pencils!! They smudge like crazy yaar! :(

  18. @Poohkie: LOL! I wonder what lakme has to say.. Yup these pencils do claim to appear different in different light, & I have seen that happen when I swatched these on my hand. They are quite lovely :)

  19. SO getting one of these! THanks for the review


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