Colorbar Cool Eyeshadow Palette - Review

Some swatches of the Colorbar Cool Eyeshadow palette:

Price: Rs. 499/-

From L to R: #09 Smoky Grey, #19Quarry, #20Amethyst, #21Tealo & #22Blooz

In Sunlight- From L to R: #09 Smoky Grey, #19Quarry, #20Amethyst, #21Tealo & #22Blooz

In shade: From L to R: #09 Smoky Grey, #19Quarry, #20Amethyst, #21Tealo & #22Blooz

Quality wise this is exactly like the Warm Eyeshadow palette. You can read that review here.

But I do prefer the colors in this palette a lot than the warm palette as they show up & look better on me. That is probably because my skintone is on the cooler side as well as my eyes are greenish - grey (again cool shades/tones).

I also find these are slightly more pigmented than the Warm Palette.

My favourites are the first two shades: Smoky Grey & Quarry.


  1. that was a crisp review :)

  2. @HD: LOL! There wasn't much left to say :D :D

    Except for the difference in colors, there is little difference between the two palettes.

  3. hmmm..des wud suit m warm toned i liked dos colors more...

  4. lovely and pretty shades..i love the pink and the smoky gray...really cool..I'll definitely want to buy it.

  5. I love the colors - very holiday and mettalic :)


  6. Lovely colors. Tanveer you have never done a tutorial. Could you do one with these palettes?

  7. yup ,waiting for tutorials from u tanveer

  8. @Bhumika: :D

    @Rakhshanda: Yup, I thght u wld like these as well. i notice that you do use a lot of cool toned shades yourself

    @Val: Yup, they are very holidaish :D

    @Nivedita & Amy: Thks! Yup, I haven't done a tutorial & sorry to disappoint you, but I don't think I'll be doing one in the near future too.

    I have a full time job & blogging is just something I do as a hobby, on the side. I really don't have the time to sit & make tutorials as of now during the week (I have a 13 hour work day on average, sometimes it streches to 17 hours) & weekends are reserved for interacting with family & friends (who hardly get any time from me during the week) as well as I need to do my household chores then.

    As much as I love blogging & makeup, I do have to prioritise and draw the line somewhere. I hope you understand.

  9. hey i liked the 1st two smoky grey and quarry, they are really nice

  10. pretty shades ..i don't go for metallic shades but love the pink on though....

  11. i loved all the colours..seriously :)

  12. @Anamika: Yes, they are your kind of colors - I have seen you wear such metallic shimmery cool shades often.. Personally even I prefer this palette to the warm one :D

    @SSG: Yup, they are nice shades :)

    @Retnu: Even I like those two the best :D

  13. amazing shades! looks lovely.u r rt! this palette looks much more nicer than the warm one!

  14. perfect review honey :) ... and i agree with u we do have some priorities other then blogging .. infact my baby also needs me most of the time so i write when he is sleeping or is busy with cartoon ... (PANDA these days )

  15. I like the warm one better!!! But then we have very different skintones...

  16. The colors will look so gorgeous on you!

  17. @IMW: :D

    @Rashmi: Thanks Dear :).. & thanks for the support, it must be challenging with a small kid, plus housework, Even then u do such amazing looks & tutorials - hats off to you :D.. Panda seems to be some new cartoon, I wld watch apna simple Walt disney cartoons :D

    @PnB: Yup, that is nice too

    @AOYV: Thks :D

  18. Ya this definitely has prettier shades than the warm one



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