Colorbar Warm Eyeshadow Palette - Review

From L to R: #23 DUNE, #24BRUN, #25HUMID, #26PLUMFUL & #27MYSTERY
Quantity: 1.8 gms X 5
Price: Rs. 499/-

1. I quite like Brun, Plumful & Mystery, these shades would suit most eyecolors & Indian skintones
 2. Long lasting, even without an eyebase, these eyeshadows adhere to the skin and last a good 3-4 hours without fading

3. Travel friendly, the small compact structure is easy to tag along.

From L to R: #23 DUNE, #24BRUN, #25HUMID, #26PLUMFUL & #27MYSTERY


1. I don't like Dune too much, it is a weird pink shade that doesn't look good as a highlighter or as a lid color.

2. The pigmentation is a little low, plus I realised while taking swatches, these don't photograph as well as they appear otherwise. So if you wear them to a party, you will look nice in person but in photographs these will not appear as vibrant.

3. I find these difficult to blend, these eyeshadows need to be patted onto the lid. These are not like your powder/talc based eyeshadows, the texture is a little bit wet & spongy. (I hope I am making sense)

Would I buy this again: I don't think so.

These are good for those new to makeup, as it is quite economical & also lets you experiment with different shades, but keep in mind they are difficult to blend and also the low pigmentation payoff. 

I tend to prefer either single eyeshadows or customisable palettes, so that way *all* the colors are shades I know I will use. In a ready made palette, generally, I end up using some of the colors, and the others go waste, here it seems Dune & Humid are gonna go waste.

Have you used this palette?


  1. One thing I love abt Colorbar shadows is that they last and are amply pigmented..but then again like you said, some colours do tend to go waste. I bought the cool palette and some shades are pretty useless fr me

  2. I agree with your agree 100% !!! Exactly what I feel abt the quality

  3. I so wanna get was out of stock last tym at crawford beauty centre..thot wud surely get it next ur review is sayin sumthg different..
    dunno wat to do ? shd i get dem ? I quite liked d colors of dis warm 1..

  4. @GGG: I agree, they have good lasting power. Colorbar also makes single eyeshadows, so I really wish they had intoduced these shades also as singles & introduced the make your own palette of 5 shades @499, kinda like Inglot. That would have been nicer I feel :)

    @HD: Hey! Thanks! Nice to know that you have had a similar experience as well. :)

    @Bhumika: LOL! If you liked the shades, Then get it. Just because I am not exactly crazy about these doesn't mean you won't like it too. :)

  5. hey was waiting for a review about this

  6. Hey Tanveer ... nice review n I guess I ll get this because I ve always been shy with wearing eye shadows :D. I had one gift set but i ended up not using them at all !!! So I guess i ll start with mild pigmented shades :) ...

  7. @Retnu: Ohh! I have had this palette with me since May, but just kept feeling too lazy to review it :P... I hope the review has helped you :D

    @Chennai Ponnu: Hey! Welcome to the blog. Yup, I think you might like the palette. It is nice for those who have just started makeup & are looking for a nice collection of shades.

  8. i too have this!!! the colors are fab but its really difficult to blend it in!

  9. Colorbar also makes a make up box consisting of blushes, lipsticks, lip colors, eye brw pencils and SIXTEEN eye shadows. I don't know why they have a very low supply of it. I'm trying to get hold of it. The box costs only 950 INR. Imagine!

  10. I so hope Colorbar will come up with better palettes. I just liked Mystery in this palette. You love yr plums, no? :)


  11. @IMW: Hey Anju! Even I don't like the fact that this is a little troublesome to blend, it is kind of sticky in its texture na? Hope exam prep is going gr8! :D

    @Nivedita: Ohh, really?? I had no clue about this huge makeup set. They def. don't retail this here in Mumbai, I think their Delhi outlet might have it or else it might be available online. Colorbar has a bit of trouble with supply here in Mumbai, products go out of stock for months on end :P

    @Cynthia: Yup! Plums make my eyes look very green! :D :D

  12. Colours look quiet pigmented Tanz...and shimmery too..i m loving shimmer nowadays ..:)

    but confused whether to try it or not :D

  13. Nice shades!!! I agree with you that Dune is a pretty weird shade...I'm thinking of getting the makeup box rather than this.

  14. @Anamika: they are ok in pigmentation, & yes they are shimmery, as you would like them. I didn't like them too much, as the shimmer tends to make them unwearable for office, severly restricting the use of this palette for me. But I have a hunch that you might like these, try them out at the store :)

    @Rakhshanda: Ohh, do review the makeup box for us when you get it! Yup, that Dune is weird :P

  15. But the problem is they are almost always out of tock of the box and for some unknown reason it's not featured in the website even.


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