Inglot AMC Face Blush #81 - Review

What does it claim: For a change, nothing! :)

Price: Rs. 995 for 15 ml

Made in Poland.

How to: I apply this with The Body Shop blush brush & then soften the edges with liquid foundation brush, but it works just as fine with fingers too. Just make sure you soften the edges of the blush so it looks natural.


1. This was the product I chose to break my two month long makeup ban with it & I am very happy I did so - the texture of the blush is light, longlasting & very easy to blend

Above - unblended dot, below - blended patch

2. This particular shade looks very, very natural on me, so even if I apply a tad bit more, I never look overdone, as you can see in the blended swatch below.

3. Is highly pigmented. You will not need more than a tiny rice grain size for both cheeks, and since you get like 15 ml in a bottle, this is gonna last long!

4. The packaging is nice - cute pump top, which I am able to control a little bit for quantity. Just press it slowly & softly & release half - way. That tiny amount is usually enough, if you need more you can always go back.
5. Excellent base for making powder blushes last through the night, I love using this with Lakme Rose Trio.


1. If you are not careful, you can end up pumping more than needed. You need not pump all the way, just release half way & you will have desired quantity.

Will I repurchase: Yes, a brighter rosy shade this time - maybe #88 or #85. I quite like these blushes, they are light, easy to blend & last long!

Honestly I was confused between MUFE & Inglot liquid blushes, I chose Inglot simply because it was priced lesser by about 400-500 Rs. & the quantity was more (15 ml) as compared to MUFE's 10 ml.


  1. I Loooove my Inglot cream blush as well...its very pigmented like this tempted to buy this liquid blush as well :D

  2. i want this, i want this, it looks nice

  3. super super nice Tanz...i love this:)

  4. Hey that is so cute..and I never knew Inglot had blushes packed like this..haha..I always thought it was that small round dabbas..

    This looks like an awesome replacement for MUFE Tanveer..Thank you for the intro and review..and the colour is sure it would look lovely on your skin tone

  5. It's so beautiful Tanveer. Looks so tempting. Only if I were a bit more good at blending with my fingers.

  6. @HD: I wanna gonna buy the cream blush myself, but then I saw this & I was like "I don't have any liquid blush!" so I got this.. Their blushes are really amazing!

    @Retnu: :D :D.. I am sure you'll like this, they have 5-6 shades in this

    @Anamika: Thanks! :D

    @GGG: I didn't either, untill I went to their store. I thght they only had powder & cream.. I don't know how this compares quality wise to MUFE, but I doubt there is a lot of difference.. Thanks a lot! Glad u liked the review, you shd check these out too, they have a number of nice shades in this!

    @Nivedita: It is na, so pretty! blending cream & liquid blushes is very easy, even easier than powder (or so I feel). Just start with little bit. If you practice 2-3 times you will get the hang of it :)

  7. U know,I almost bought this last time, but the new one looked more watery than the tester & that's the exact thing I've been reading around..that it's too watery n patchy. Now after seeing this I wish I had just took it home to try it :D


  8. @CZ: Maybe the new batch has a different formulation or there is just something wrong... Glad I bought this before the same thing hit the coast here :)

  9. Wow what a blush and omg the color- I can die for it. Must must must get 1. Thanks sooo much for the review :)

  10. @BeautyDiva: Yup, it is a very subtle shade of blush. Looks very natural. :)

  11. Reading so many good reviews on INglot products these days.Its so natural :)

  12. hey its lovely Tanz :) i will try my hands on these ... the color is looking awesome in pics honey :D

  13. Looks really great!! Will surely try it out. I like the shade as well:))

  14. d color looks nice...ya natural on u...:)

  15. Gorgeous color - very rosy!

  16. Yeah...Inglot products are so good....very tempting everytime I go there :)

  17. Hey Tanveer Just wanted to say I've given u an award on my blog so do check it out :)

  18. Wow Inglot!!
    Sounds nice,and cute bottle!

    Nice review!!:)

  19. @Shoppingaholic: Thanks!

    @Sharon: Yup, their products are generally nice. It is a very natural, subtle shade. Goes with all eyemakeup :)

    @Rashmi: Thanks a lot! Glad u liked it :)

    @Tessa: Hey, welcome to the blog & thanks for follwing. I'll chk out your blog too :)

    @Rakhshanda: I am sure you'll like it

    @Bhumika: Yup, it is very natural

    @Val: I know, it just lends itself beautifully to the English Rose look you know - soft eyes, rosy cheeks & lips. :)

    @Sharon: Thanks! I'll chk it out

    @Simran: I'll take u to the store when you are here, it's at 7 bungalows :) :)

  20. I've never used a liquid blush. Is the Inglot worth its price? And is it better than a powder blush?

  21. @Speaking Chic: I think Inglot is worth the price as it offers very good quality, but then this is a very individual assesment. Whether it is worth the price for you is something only you can estimate.

    Go to the Inglot store & check out their stuff. For example, a lot of times, Maybelline or Lakme have products which are like very cheap, even then I feel they are not worth it coz the quality sucks!

    As for liquid blushes, they are similar to cream blushes, except they are not as heavy/creamy. I like them for the reason that they give a very natural dewy look to the face.

  22. hello! Whats a good Inglot blush dupe for Nars Orgasm? :)


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