Lakme Fruit Moisture Strawberry, Kiwi & Passion Fruit Skin Renewal Night Creme - Review

What it claims: Envelope your skin with the luscious blend of strawberry, kiwi and passion fruit extracts that are rich in fruit vitamins and antioxidants, which condition and clear away signs of tired dull skin. Kiwis help reduce skin blemishes, antioxidant rich strawberries protect skin from damage and ageing while passion fruit fades wrinkles and tones skin.  This wonderfully textured and great smelling night crème nourishes and renews your skin while you’re asleep so that you wake up to skin infused with life each morning.

Available in 50g for Rs. 125

Smooth on a dollop of Lakme Fruit Moisture Strawberry, Kiwi & Passion Fruit Skin Renewal Night Creme daily at bed time over cleansed face and neck for smooth, supple moisturized skin. For external use only.

Avoid contact with eyes. Wash your eyes thoroughly with clean water in case of eye contact.

1. It moisturizes  through the night. Skin does not feel dry in the morning

2. Smells really fruity – which is nice

3. Absorbs quickly into my dry skin – doesn’t leave behind any greasy feeling

4. Thankfully it didn’t break me out (about 2 months ago after Diwali,  I suffered a really bad breakout. I was waiting for that to clear up before using any new products – hence the delay in reviewing this as well – it has been sitting with me since quite some time)

5. Decently priced.

1. I have not noticed any reduction in skin blemishes (got some after my breakout) as claimed by the product

2. The texture of the cream feels a little weird to me – it feels very slippery & silicony – not like how natural oils like almond or cold creams feel.

3. The moisturising effect is not long lasting, in the sense that I don't feel like this has improved my skin's hydration barrier or its health in the long run. As long as I use the cream, my skin feels good, but it doesn't feel hydrated if I skip this for a night or two.

Overall Opinion: This is a simple night cream moisturizer, & it does its job decently enough. Don’t expect any miracles from this like reduction in blemishes, or fading of wrinkles like it claims & you’ll be happy you bought this. This is a big improvement over the Strawberry Crème in terms of moisturising, IMO. 

I am not sure how oily skin will react to this cream, because it definitely does not feel oily when applied, it feels quite matt actually, but it does moisturise my dry skin well enough, so there must be some oily or heavy moisturising component/ingredient in it.

This product was sent for my consideration by the Company/PR, however that has not affected my review in any way.


  1. I think its an ok ok

  2. @Bhumika: I agree, at least it felt that way to my dry skin.. It's not great. Kind of like if a night cream is already working very well for you, then don't bother, but if you are looking for one then you could try this out.

  3. Seeing mixed reviews of this one..looks like the oilies are liking it and the dry skin ppl are not so ok.

    Silicon-ish feel..I guess they must be adding some no? Coz, if they were actually to use any nut butter or whatever, the price wouldn't be so low.

  4. @GGG: I mean it is good, but not as hydrating as cold creams or Body shop hemp face protector. When I use those at night, they somehow moisturise very deeply, so I can skip moisturiser during the day, despite having dry skin..

    But with this I have to use a day lotion.

    I guess they are adding silicones to it, the ingredient list is heavily populated with a bunch of chemicals, & you are right, that is what makes it so affordable also. I mean it is not horrid. I wld give it like 7/10 for just simple moisturisation. It's ok.

  5. The cream looks ok to me. well i wanted to tell u that the post on 16 december.. A"ddicted to blush awards 2010" was very nice. Why dont u also include awards for skin care products like face pack, body lotion, soap, face wash, scrub, shampoo, hairoil, night cream, moisturizer, makeup remover, rosewater.

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  7. Nice that you update so often, i often end up calling your blog, addicted to blog instead of blush :-) I like what Lakme is doing with their packaging though, looks real swanky and fresh. I never really liked the brand for some reason though, my mom however really loves their peach moisturiser.

    Anamika K,

  8. I Have an oily skin but it didn't made my face greasy. I think its best if used in winters speacially for girls like me with oily skin..

  9. @Amel: Hey! Thks for the appreciation. I am planning to do one on skin care too, it is partly done. Will post it this week! :D

    @Anamika K: I have had complaints & requests from some readers who say that I don't blog often enough, even with average 5 posts a week!!! Can you believe that? I guess you can never please everyone. LOL.

    The packaging is exactly like it was for strawberry creme, only the color has deepened I think.

    @Prerana: Hey, Thanks for sharing with with us an oily skin gal's prespective - I hope this will help some readers. :D

  10. Great review Tanveer! Haven't tried it but after I get over with my Ponds one will try it out...let's see if it works out for me. After reading the reviews I'm sure it won't work for me in winter but maybe in summers for normal skin.

  11. wow, yeah i guess you cant please everybody..!...but yes I think it is nice that you update it so often... :)

    Anamika K


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