Quick Market Updates

Colorbar has launched it's 16 eyeshadow plus gloss & lipstick make up kit.
It is a small box but holds some 16-18 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners, 2 glosses, 8 lipsticks & 2 blushes along with compact. It costs 950 Rs & is available at Khar Beauty Centre, Mumbai.

Bourjois has launched it's Detox Foundation & Concealer. 
The concealer seemed very silly - it as a roller ball to aid application, so i skipped that.

I got the foundation though. Cost me some 980 bucks. The numbering scheme seems to have changed a bit. I wear #53 in healthy mix, but the #53 in Detox was too yellow for me. They didn't have #54 (for some reason - I think they have skipped numbers - they had #52 - which was too pale, #53, #55 & then #57) so I picked #55 - Dark Beige.

I have tried it once now - it is a little darker on me, I plan to dilute it a bit with Ponds TM before use. My first reaction - it is freaking awesome! I only wish I had got it in a shade closer to my skin tone. I'll go back & check in a week's time. Maybe #54 will have landed & joined the rest by then.


  1. Hi Tanveer, I am a follower of ur blog.and i absolutely love ur blog. I got the colorbar kit for myself.I am not personally fond of single eyeshadows (taken into consideration many probs like carrying while u r on long tour, cost, very little is used in months)...I got the kit just yesterday...the brushes not so good...but colors of eye shadows are good...(cannot comment on pigmentation)...I liked the blushes...its good for those, who are a newbie to make up and cannot shell huge sum for make up!!!

  2. Oh yippee! Just in time..I'm goin shopping tomorrow so will check out the foundation. Intrigued about the Colorbar palette too!


  3. Wowiee...great news about Bourjois foundation...I really really hope they have a colour that suits me**fingers crossed**

    Btw..guess the Colorbar makeup box has been around for a while..like almost a year now. Isn't it a silverish box?

  4. wow! thanks for the info. i sooooooo want to try this foundation as it is said to have a matte finish and will be great for my oily skin.thanks once more :)

  5. thats some nice news...will wait for ur review of the foundation :)

  6. my comment was eaten up :(
    me waiting for ur review 2...

  7. waiting for ur review on colorbar's make up kit. And also wanted to know ur opinion on costal scents 88 palette as well as 88 ultra shimmer palette.

  8. You are making me regret!! Bourjois is not available in Kolkata yet! (as far as I know). How I keep ogling at the pics in your blog

  9. hey i have the same dark beige, i find the shade perfect for me, and trust me the foundation rocks for me, i bought it for special occasion, but now been using regularly :), and in India the price is cheaper, which is great, i bought it for 16 euros...


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