Eyeliner doesn't show up? Try this..

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We all get pretty colored eyesliners, that look simply super when swatched on the hand - but once at home, they just won't show up on your eyes! What as waste, right?

I make them work for me bu using them in the following ways:

1. I use them on my lower lash line area - which is much lighter than my lid most colors tend to show up well here. (P.S. This tip won't work if you have dark circles)

2. Use a white colored primer/base. Sometimes liners don't show up coz they have tones that match our skin too closely - try using them on top of a white base - that should help the colors pop.

3. Mix it up! Layer the light colored liner over a darker one for an interesting look. I have a liner in green - that is honestly too light to show up. What I do is apply it over a dark grey creamy eyeliner - the green while not very visible - makes the eyeliner appear a tad smokey green, plus the green shimmer really stands out against the grey. Ta Da - I have new color!

So what are your tricks to make those dud eyeliner purchases work for you?


  1. Very useful post!! I use grey eye pencil first, smudge it and then use black eye pencil It gives me somewhat smokey eye that i am fond.. of.


  2. great post. :) thanks for sharing. Its indeed very helpful

  3. I just mix it up! :D Or apply an eyeshadow in a similar shade under it


  4. i got two liners from incolor (50 bucks each!) because i loved their colours but they simply aren't pigmented enough! i layer them over a black pencil liner to make them show through. gives a nice smokey effect too!

  5. Hi Tanveer. I always use an eyeliner as a base for my shadows. Also, if the liner doesn't show, I use an angle brush to set with a dark colour shadow :)

  6. Nice ideas...I bought this purple eyeliner with sparkles...but after applying...its just not ready to show up!!!
    I am now gonna try these things for sure :) Thanks for the tips!

  7. love the second n third tips...works fine for me...

  8. thanks a looooot Tannu, last month i bought a maybelline eye pencil in brown. it swatched nicely on hands bt not at all visible on eyelids, hopefully your tip will work...

  9. Nice! I really liked tip no. 3. :-)

  10. This is such a useful post for me :) Thanks! I always have a problem of the colors showing up very differently on me!

  11. awesome tips Tanz :) ... i will try the 3rd tip , sounds good to me :D D:

  12. great tips, i also have this beige that wnt show up..it looks like ive stuck glitter to my water line...i shall try ur tips and see if i can find something useful to do with it

  13. love that 3rd tip, tanvi...yes, new color wud be great...

    shd i say i love the 5th rule to comment :) I couldnt stop rolling LOL

  14. I dont know how I missed this post yest...gr8 tips Tanveer!! I use an eyeshadow in the same color as my eyelid whenever I face such a prob..it kind of gives a base to the eyeliner and seems to work fine...Loved the 3rd tip..never tried, but will surely do now :)


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