Lakme Citrus Rain Fruit Detox Face Wash - Review

What it claims: Detox your skin from the effects of grime and pollution with this rich creamy Face Wash with citrus extracts of mandarin & anti-oxidant Vitamin C, leaving your skin feeling fresh and sparkling clean.

Usage: Squeeze a small amount into hands and work into a rich lather with a little water. Massage on wet face. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Price: Rs. 135 for 50 gm tube


1. Smells amazingly citrusy & fresh – it is like bursting an orange over your face

2. It does clean well – without drying out the skin, has a wonderful creamy texture.

3. Priced decently

1. This explicitly states avoid contact with eyes – might be the type that causes stinging. Dunno for sure, as I made sure to keep it away from the eyes.

Overall opinion: This is a nice face wash – it cleans the skin, without drying & also without leaving behind a greasy film. Smells awesome too.

This product was sent for my consideration by the Company / PR but that has not affected my review in any way.


  1. oh i'm yet to try out lakme's new skin care range. everything sounds and looks so tempting that i end up getting confused!

  2. looks like a good face wash, y cant we get lakme here :(

  3. I found them all a bit similar excpt d flavors n smell..dunno sumhow not that attracted to it..

  4. How does this compare to the Himalaya hydrating face wash, Tanveer? I've used up the Himalaya one & I need a replacement. Also, it's safe to use in the morning, right? Orange makes skin photosensitive, so I'm curious if you've experienced anything like that.

  5. i somehow dint like it that much

  6. @Rima: :).. they have come up with real fancy names this time.. The range is just okish, personally, so if something already is working very well for you currently, I would suggest don't get tempted..

    @Abi: Ohh, where do u live? I'm sure you get some brands there too ;)

    @Bhumika: Really? I felt they are quite different - in ways more than smell - some of them are def. more hydrating, some better for oily skin and some more exfoliating.
    Can't say about flavor - haven't tasted any :D LOL..

    @Poohkie: Honestly Poohkie - I use this in the evenings only. During winters I just wash my face in the morning with warm water, & face wash is just end of day. I haven't noticed any photosensitive reactions, but then my skin is not very sensitive. If your's is, please err on the side of caution.

    @Retnu: Aww, too bad :P

  7. suitable for dry or oily skin ?

  8. Ya, I'm going to avoid this, for now. My skin is going through a sensitive-itchy phase, so I'm just going to repurchase the himalaya one. But it's just SOOO tempting to buy something new!

  9. @Shreya: I have dry skin & I like it. Can't say how oily skinned people will react to it.

    @Poohkie: Yes, if skin is going through troubled phase - either opt for home made, simple stuff or something u trust.

  10. Love your Blog Tanveer. Crisp , precise reviews really make it interesting !! And , dont bother about the standard images. In my opinions , I feel that you should either put real quality good images or use standard ones.Really except for swatches of makeup, we don't really need to see pictures of the product :)

    Keep up the good work.Love your writing style.

  11. Nice to know Lakme is coming up with new products and pricing them decently...high time...
    Good review!!


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