Lakmé Fruit Blast Strawberry Facewash - Review

Standard Image taken from Lakme website
What it claims: Strawberries are super fruits that not only contain Vitamin B and C, but also gently exfoliate and tone your skin, making your pores smaller and your face look brighter. This antioxidant rich fruit also lightens any pigmentation problems and leaves your skin smooth and youthful.

The sensory stimulating Lakmé Fruit Blast Strawberry Facewash is enriched with juicy strawberry extracts that deep clean every pore of your skin. Its ever-so-gentle micro-beads scrub away impurities. Leaving your skin refreshed, soft and delicately perfumed with the fragrance of strawberries. 

Price: Rs. 50 for 70 gm tube

1.      Doesn’t dry out my skin.  (This is being used in Mumbai’s “winter”)

2.      The microbeads are very gentle on the skin

3.      Smells nice – not very overwhelming but nice at the same time

4.      It tends to feel cool on the skin – I really like this cooling sensation.

5.      Priced decently.

1.      It doesn’t have enough beads to thoroughly exfoliate the entire face. In a drop you’ll get like some 10 tiny beads – I doubt it achieves any real overall exfoliation. It is more like spot exfoliation.

2.      It didn’t make my pores smaller, or my face brighter as it claims, & the smell of strawberries doesn’t linger on for very long. It dissipates in a few minutes.

Will I repurchase: No, I don’t think so.

It is a nice facewash, but that’s just it it – it is just nice. Get this if the way a facewsh smells is important to you.  I found it pretty *meh*. Not bad, but nothing great either. I am not sure how this fares in harsh winters. The cooling sensation it produces may feel good after a good long day in the sun.

I think this might be better as a body wash, instead of a face wash. Lakme could look at re-launching this as a body wash, as the cool, tingling feeling would be great after a hot day out.

PS: Lappie has crashed coz of some virus :(.. hence using standard image

This product was sent to me for review. Review is unbiased & based on my personal experience only.


  1. Tanveer could you compare it with the strawbeery face wash that were available earlier?

  2. i have used this.i too have the same opinion.good facewash but not great!

  3. Hey Tanveer... Nice review ... I am also using the same facewash and absolutely agree with you here *thumbsup*

  4. I am loving the clean n clear blackhead scrub thg as facewash des days..
    nice review..:) n hope ur laptop runs fine soon..

  5. Good idea about the facewash being a bodywash. Body Shop had a strawberry body wash earlier, dunno if they still have it. :-)

  6. oh ok, so this can be safely bypassed, thanks dear for the review

  7. God, how many fruit face washes does lakme have :) Like their packaging though...

    Anamika K,

  8. Hi Tanveer, great review as always. in most face washes the fragrance goes away soon but the fragrance in a bodywash is long lasting. i think i must give it a try. thanks :)

  9. You know what, I am using this as a body wash!!! :) feels great...

  10. hey! I have a query.. want to know whether the vlcc ayurvedic henna has to be soaked overnight before being used or it has to be used instantly? plz revert back.. thanks..

  11. @Shivika: I have not used vlcc henna, so I don't have the answer to your query :)


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