Purple Eyeliners - Swatches & Comparison

Yesterday HD of Bombay-Beauty asked me the difference between Colorbar's Prunella Eyeliner & Lakme's Glimmering Plum. I was about to swatch the two & put up a comparision post, & then I thought I would swatch all my purple eyeliners for you guys - so you can compare across brands.

From Top to Bottom: 

1. Bourjois Khol & Contour in #75 Prune Moderne
2. Colorbar I glide in Prunella
3. Jordana Glitterama in Purple Party
4. Maybelline Vivid & Smooth
5. Bourjois Smokey in 72 Dark purple
6. Lakme Glide on in Glimmering Plum
7. Jordana Color Extend Eyeliner in Luna Lavender
8. Lakme 9 to 5 eyeliner in purple

From Left to Right: 

1. Bourjois Khol & Contour in #75 Prune Moderne - a deep dark plum shade - matt

2. Colorbar I glide in Prunella - rich jewel amthetyst purple

3. Jordana Glitterama in Purple Party - lilac purple with silver shimmer

4. Maybelline Vivid & Smooth - plummy purple with shimmer

5. Bourjois Smokey 72 Dark Purple - dark purple matt

6. Lakme Glimmering Plum - burgundy plum with a hint of purple & shine

7. Jordana in Luna Lavender - pale purple - almost lilac with shimmer

8. Lakme 9 to 5 eyeliner in purple - purple with undertones of grey & shimmer. 

Which are your favorite purple eyeliners?

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  1. I like the lakme one best - it's a nice warm shade :)

  2. Glimmering Plum and Prunella look interesting..hmmm

    I have the Maybeline one..like them

  3. haye! I like Prunella and Purple party the most!

  4. those are a whole lot of purple eyeliners :O I love # 5 gorgeous shade!

  5. i liked lakme and color bar i -glide..i didnt like maybelline one because it hardly show up on my eyes:(

  6. I have prunella n love it...liked bourjois smokey n lakme glimmering plum..wud check dat out..

  7. now that i think of it, i realise i don't have a single purple shade!
    hmm... :P
    i like prunella.. but i found these liners very drying..

  8. the bourjois one looks good too :)

  9. Oooh i like prunella...it looks lovely

  10. thats a lot :) ... i love colorbar and lakme :)
    u love purples isnt it ?? :D :D

  11. i like all the colors, what a lovely collection(touchwood)!

  12. Woww great stuff Tanveer!! All look lovely!!

  13. Omg! Don't hav a single purple!! Bt thats coz I feel purple won't suit me as much...but I lkie the shades from Colorbar, Jordana Glitterama, Maybelline and Jordana!!

  14. the jordana one is really pretty

  15. Thanks for this Post Tanveer :) Maybelline has another purple shade in the vivid n smooth range na.that one is more similar to the Lakme plush purple one :)

  16. Colorbar I glide in Prunella luks the best 1! ^_^

  17. hey which one do you like the most, i dont have any purples, and i like almost all :D

  18. Hey, nice collection - and inspirational, because have never dared to move away from black, grey, dull black and blue...and can i please say - love your comments disclaimer, awesome! :)

    Anamika K, www.purebotanicalcare.com

  19. I liked Bourjois and ColorBar. The Maybelline didn't seem purple at all. :-)

  20. omg! i just did a post on the lakme liner in purple only! im loving it nwdays!.

  21. I like Bourjois Smokey in Dark purple the most! But on the eyes it looks more dark-maroonish for me :( Another great pick for me is Rockstar from Urban Decay :)

  22. Oh I'm loving the comment guidelines T..it's so deadly but it rocks! :D

    I'm really liking the Lilac Jordana one! So pretty


  23. @Ki: Hey! hw r u? the lakme one is very nice - it is rather pretty

    @GGG: Yup, they are both pretty shades

    @Afterglow: lol! nice choice :)

    @AOYV: I have a lot of eyeliners, sometimes I feel I shd rename my blog - addicted to eyeliners.

    @Anamika: I use the maybelline one on my lower lash line - just smudge it in a bit. Yes, both lakme & colorbar are amazing shades

    @Shuchita: It is a fun liner :)

    @Bhumika: I hope u like them :)

    @Aarthi: a lot of people are liking them :)

    @Rima: really? No purple? :D.. ohh, I know, even I feel they could be a little bit more creamy. Bourjois is a darling brand - I thank Cynthia enuf for letting me know about this brand - I read about it first on her blog

    @P&B: It is a lovely shade

    @Rashmi: Well I got green eyes, I gotta love purple na :)

    @Amel: Thks :)

    @Rakshanda: Thks :)

    @Simran: What!! no purple? Purple is the one shade that looks awesome on almost all eyes except blue - you gotta get one! :D

    @Abi: It does seem to be a fav - this jordana one

    @Enigma: :D

    @HD: Is it? ohh! I had no clue about maybelline ka lakme dupe. Maybe u cld share it with us, if you have it

    @deeptima: It is nice :)

    @Retnu: my fav is Lakme 9 to 5 in purple & colorbar prunella :)

    @Anamika K: I am wildly experimental when it comes to eyeliners - coz I can't carry off black & dark blue that well.. hehehe, glad u liked the disclaimer :)

    @Speakingchic: nope, maybelline is more burgundy-purple, :)

    @PP: Even I like that liner :)

    @Appu: Dark maroonish? ohh, that happens, sometimes colors are wildly different on the eyes.

    @CZ: LOL! Something had to be done :) Yup, even I like jordana :D


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