Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Sesame Oil – Review

What it claims: The key process for any oil, when it comes to quality, is 'Cold Pressing'. This means that the oil has been extracted by a natural method which doesn't damage essential fatty acids.
• Cold Pressed • Organic • Nutrient Rich • Unrefined
Cold pressed black unrefined Sesame oil, is regarded as one of the best oils for massage. It has high lecithin content renowned for mood elevation, and is extremely nutrient rich for nourishing and toning the skin.
Price: Rs. 395 for 200 ml bottle
Where: Forest Essentials has a store on Juhu Tara Road, as well as in Paladium.
I got this after reading Anamika (Wise She)’s review (which you can read here). I am a big fan of using sesame oil for the face. Earlier I was using a local brand called Endranium (got it from hypercity) – it was working fine for me, but it did tend to feel a little greasy & thick. Plus there was no information on the method of extraction.  
1.      Extremely light – it absorbs instantly into the skin, doesn’t feel thick or greasy

2.      Smells better than the earlier sesame oil I was using – has a light nutty smell

3.      I’ve been breaking out into a bit of acne recently – using this oil overnight helps lessen the inflammation & it also seems to prevent acne. I was busy for 3-4 days & didn’t use this as regularly – result was that pimples started to arise again.

4.      The store has testers for the oil – so you can try it out before you purchase

5.      It does remove makeup equally well – though I prefer to use a cheaper cold cream for that, this is too expensive. :)

6.      It is cold pressed & organic
1.      It has got to be the high price tag. My earlier oil was 35 bucks for 200ml – this is like 10 times more!

2.      I wish this were sold in a dark bottle, instead of the clear plastic bottle, as I have heard that oils need to be stored in dark bottles to preserve their nutrients.

3.      Limited availability – sold only at FE stores.
How I use this: I generally use this in lieu of a night cream. I just apply 3-4 drops all over my face & neck. Sometimes I wipe off the excess after 20 minutes with a damp tissue – if it is feeling little oily.
Will I re-purchase: Yes. I can feel the difference in quality between this oil & the earlier local brand. I like the concept of using a single ingredient, natural, preservative free product at night time for skin care. 


  1. I use organic sesame oil from 24letter mantra..they are USDA certified and they also use cold processed oils....they probably sell 500ml for something like 200 which is a little better than FE...and yes I agree with you that the oils should be stored in dark bottles because light can breakdown the oils but it is probably not necessarily true for all.....

  2. this seems to be interesting...anamika loves it, i guess

  3. How are we supposed to use it? Massage it on to the skin?

  4. Nice review Tanveer!! Will surely give it a try if I find it anywhere :)

  5. Now I wanna try soo many oils from Fab as well as Forest Essentials. Even if I get them, I hope I can safely bring them here to use somehow :) Great review, as alwyas :)

  6. Nice review Tanveer! I was under the impression that leaving oil on the face would clog pores but this one seems to work well with your skin. I have combi/acne prone skin..will give this a try. Where are FE products available in Mumbai?

  7. Hello,

    Sounds good, and though I can use oil in scrubs and on my body or hair, somehow just cant bring myself to use it on my face. But my skin has been feeling unsually dry lately and all moisturisers have stopped working on my skin, so am going to try this.

    Anamika K

  8. @PnP: Ohh 24letter has sesame oil? I use their bajra atta in my daily cooking. Yes, they are slightly more expensive than FE - I'll look out for it at Hypercity :).. thks for the recco

    @Retnu: I love it too :)

    @Butterfly: Yr welcome :)

    @Speakinchic: Hmm, the bottle doesn't say anything.. but from what I know - you can use it like any regular cream. I generally take a few drops & massage it in :)

    @Rakhshanda: Thks :)

    @Aarthi: No aarthi, no piccys - was not home this week.. How's your baby coming along? :) Glad to know she doesn't keep you too occupied and away from your fav blogs :)

    @Appu:Thks :)... i hope you enjoy using oils as much as i do :)

    @Corallista: FE prdts are available only at their stores - you can chk out their site for the complete address. Generally, yes, ppl with oily skin don't do very well with oils - but this one seems to suit me ok

    @Anamika: I hope u like using it on your face :)


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