Lakme Glide on Lip Pencils - Review

What it claims: Glide On is a lip pencil that glides on smoothly, stays creamy, and keeps lipstick, gloss, and lip tint from feathering out of bounds. Use it to define your lip-line or fill your lips with a coat of sumptuous color in shades of barely-there nudes to crushed ginger shades.
It can also be layered with Enrich Matte Lipcolor for added intensity.

Price: I got these at Rs. 250 a piece; I believe the prices have been increased now.

In shade (L to R): Rose Shimmer, Honey Crush, Berry Passion & Hot Chocolate
1.      Very creamy, very smooth lip pencil – this is the one lip pencil that never dries out my lips.

2.      Pigmented – this is a highly pigmented pencil & 2-3 swipes provides pretty good coverage even on naturally pigmented lips

3.      Long lasting – this pencil stays on for 3-4 hours
In sunlight (L to R): Rose Shimmer, Honey Crush, Berry Passion & Hot Chocolate

4.      Nice shades – I really like the shades in this range – they are prefect & will suit almost all

1.      Doesn’t work so well with gloss – the color starts to melt into the gloss altering the gloss shade & also doesn’t last as long.

2.      Lips need to be smooth & flake free for it to be used by itself – tends to emphasize dryness.

Will I repurchase: I’ll like Rose Shimmer the best from the lot so I’ll definitely be getting that one again.  While these are more expensive than Jordana (which retail for some 100 bucks) – they are also much better in quality & smoothness.


  1. Hmm i dont use lip pencils..somehow dont feel the need to but i wanna try some..maybe these will do..

  2. I too liked rose shimmer shade the most :)

  3. Pretty shades!! Like Honey Crush <3

  4. These do look nice...I think after getting myself comfy with nude lip liner I shud explore colored ones now...u missing in action..hope all well?

  5. wenevr i see any eye or lip pencils, i know its got to be tanveer!

  6. Looks so good. Btw, after reading so much about Jordana in your blog, I got their lipliner pencils and already loving them. Now I'm tempted to get these as well

  7. Honey crush looks like a nice nude pencil. Also love rose shimmer.

  8. they look nice, :), all pretty

  9. all are pretty color :) and their formulation have improved by the time .. isnt it ??
    i like rose shimmer too :)

  10. rose shimmer is damn pretty..and honey crush next..

  11. i liked rose shimmer and honey rush..i think honey crush with some gloss can give nude lips?

  12. nvr used a lip pencil, I wonder if the colour intensity is brought out more after using it??
    nice review..

  13. @PnB: Yea, lots of girls don't use lip pencils :)

    @Shalini: It's my fav too :)

    @Rakshnada: Thks :)

    @Bebeautyful: I hope u like them :).. all's well - well you know right, we had a chat the other night :D

    @Vanity: LOL, yea I love eyepencils :)

    @Nivedita: Ohhh! Glad u r loving jordana :)

    @AOYV: It is.. but I prefer rose shimmer as am not a big fan of nude lips :)

    @Retnu: Thks :)

    @Rashmi: hmmm, i don't know if they have improved.. i have had these for quite a while now - 8 mnths I think..

    @Bhumika: I know I love RS too :)

    @Anamika: Yup, honey crush = nude lips for indian women :)

    @Simran: Hmm, kind of yes, it makes the lipstick last longer & also makes the lip outline more structured - imp when you are doing a bold lip look :)


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