Lakmé Melon Melt Fruit Quench Facewash - Review

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What it claims: Ripe watermelon and muskmelon are known for their skin quenching and calming properties. They are also great sources of Vitamins A, B and C, which are essential in having flawless, healthy skin. 

Lakmé  Melon Melt Fruit Quench Facewash is a unique fruity blend of watermelon and muskmelon extracts that will hydrate every pore, while the natural luffa fruit fibers gently brush away impurities, giving your skin a healthy glow. So your skin stays tingling fresh, buttery soft and scented with the heady aroma of melons.  

Price: 50 gm tube costs 70 Rs.

1.      It smells really nice – it is quite different also from the regular citrus fragranced facewashes. Kind of melony and fruity but not very sickly sweet.

2.      The luffa fruit fibers it contains soften up in water and are quite gentle on the face. The product is full of these fibers so you get plenty in a drop for through exfoliation. It did leave my skin very soft.

3.   While my current black/white heads stayed as they were, this did seem to prevent new ones from appearing.

1.      Dried out my skin. I feel this is more suited for those with oily skins.

2.      Those of you who like their exfoliants to be be super soft & smooth granules will not like this. The fibers aren’t as harsh as those walnut/apricot granules but they are not as gentle as synthetic beads too. The texture is kind of similar to how the body shop facial buffer feels. If you found that rough, chances are you’ll not like this either.

I also feel that the fibers should not be used over acne spots, they seem a little rough to use over an area that is already inflamed.

Overall: Recommended for those with non-sensitive oily skins, to be used during summer & rainy season. Provides good exfoliation at a decent price.

Have you tried this one?

Product sent for review By Company/PR, review is honest, as usual.


  1. hmmm..nice review..I think it's not for me.

  2. i find it average to but my fav is the strawberry one..suits oily skin ..

  3. Would give this a try in hot summers

  4. 'lo....Fruit Quench Melon Melt...they sure make it sound nice and luffa fibres ...what are those?

    Anamika K,

  5. I'll give this a pass as my skin is already dry.

  6. I was very interested to buy. I searched for this for Passion Fruit & Melon for long time in online. At last I found the best online shop for this rose’s fragrance purpose. This online shop provides champagne and roses fragrance at affordable prices….


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