Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Lipsticks - Review

L to R: Buff, Chestnut, Natural Rosewood, Windsor Rose & Coral Pink
What it claims: Infused with hydra-nectar technology for creamy satin feel and pure undiluted pigments for superior crisp color, the all-new luscious selection offers the ultimate sensational experience from glide and texture to coverage and look --- you'll surely go gaga over lipsticks 
like never before!

Price: Rs. 220 /- 

Shades: This range has some 20 odd shades. 

What I liked: 

L to R: Buff, Chestnut, Natural Rosewood, Windsor Rose & Coral Pink

These are very smooth, creamy, moisturizing lipsticks that are also extremely pigmented. The texture is amazing - these are light & moist

They are priced well & have a lot of interesting shades, a lot of which are very nice for Indian skin

They are a mix between creamy & matt lipsticks - the pigmentation & coverage of a matt lipstick & the moisture of the creamy one. 

It also doesn't settle into lines, & lasts 2-3 hours once applied (provided you don't eat) 

Luckily for me, it doesn't have that caramel scent that the colorsensational lipsticks do. In fact these are very lightly scented.

It also claims to have SPF 15 

What I didn't like

This doesn't leave behind any tint once it wears off. I'm left with bare lips.

Also I can't find these on the maybelline site - I'm wondering if these are old inventory that Maybelline is palming off to us.

Also for some reason all these  5 shades look very similar when photographed. I don't understand why this happens. They look very different when viewed in real & applied on the lips but in swatches they tend to look similar.

The packaging is very, very sad & old world - it looks like some cheap street bought lipstick (I'm sorry - but I feel it is very fugly)   

L to R: Buff, Chestnut, Natural Rosewood, Windsor Rose & Coral Pink
Buff: a reddish brown shade
Chestnut: deep berry shade
Natural Rosewood: berry - brown shade
Windor Rose: red 
Coral Pink: deep pink with a hint of peach/orange

Re-purchase: Do I need to answer this? 

I really like the berry shades in this range - after a long time I managed to find some really unique & interesting lipstick shades. I also like the berry shades have variations - with tinges of brown. I don't like it when companies sell berry shades tinged with purple. 


  1. i love them...
    u are a red person i guess....almost similar shades..i wonder how different they look on ur lips...

    Visit me @

  2. agree abt the packaging...i hav coral pink in this and i love it ! the packaging really looks like those old lipstick cases my grandmom has

  3. Now i get it! Actually in KL they were selling these, and I was confused why they look the same as Moisture Extreme lippies ;D. Coral Pink looks nice


  4. I was confused too when I saw these and the old moisture extreme ones. But after a little research I think I get it. A few years ago in the US there was some lippie which had SPF 15, but it wasn't available in India. It used to be there on the Maybelline US site, but now I only found it on the US spanish site :
    I think that's being sold as the moisture extreme color sensational one. And it does have SPF. If you buy 1 again, just check the transparent plastic seal around it. It mentions all the ingredients & the details.
    Also, the Natural Rosewood is only moisture extreme and not color sensational. I have 4 lippies from that range. I don't know why the tubes of these are coloured differently from the other moisture extreme range, but they're only M E. I think the different packaging is coz they may be from Maybelline UK (I saw similar packaging on their site). Just an FYI. Hope that helps. Now you can probably see how obsessed I am with Maybelline...sorry for the super long comment.

  5. I have the Chestnut and I love it. But texturewise they don't seem very different from the Moisture Extreme one

  6. I lovvvve these lipsticks and have 4 of these :D :D and want more too!!!

    From your collection, the common one is chestnut!!

    With all its pros, I still love these. I think these are really gr8 lipsticks for the price we pay and totally moisturizing as per the claim

  7. you love red Tanveer and I know red suits you very well. lovely shades.

  8. I love these !! I have bronzy orange,chestnut and silver sand..coral pink is d next ;)

  9. Loved the colours and i just checked out these on maybelline counter today but in different pakaging.SA said that they have relaunched them

  10. Loved the berry ones as well. :-) But I like my lipsticks to last longer than 2-3 hours.

  11. They seem nice but I don't like their low lasting power...
    its annoying to keep re-applying ur lippie..
    but then I guess thats why the price is so low...

  12. I have Natural Rosewood, Pure Plum, Fudge, Blushing Berry...I really love them all....I want to try out Buff next..Just don't know if it will work with my complexion, I'm medium-dark....

  13. @LnBA: Yea, not so much red as a berry shade addict :)

    @PnB: I know, so ugly na.. but the shades are nice :)

    @CZ: Coral Pink is a fav amongst lotsa bloggers :)

    @Poohkie: Hey! Thks so much for all the info - although I still am confused b/w the ranges - CS & ME & how these fall in both categories.. I guess i'll just enjoy the lippies & not think so much :D

    @Nivedita: Yea, they are same - except for the weird long CS ME name :P

    @BeBeautyful: Chestnut is an amazing shade - & I agree, I love these too - such amazing prices :)

    @Bhumika: I love these too!

    @Anamika: Ohh, Thks for the info :)

    @Speakingchic: Yes, these are lil low on lasting power :)

    @Simran: Lol - You gotta compromise somewhr :D

    @Sahiba: wow, u seem like a fan as well :) - i guess buff wld look good on you, it seems like a neutral shade :)


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