Neutrogena at Star Bazaar

Girls, if any of you is planning to avail the 30% off offer running on Neutrogena at Star Bazaar stores - please take a good look at the expiration dates.

I almost bought their Skin Clearing Spot Control treatment yesterday. Waiting at the payment counter, I happened to read this:

MFD: 08/08
Best used before 3 yrs from manufacture.

I decided not to purchase it. I know, it hasn't expired as yet, but I am not buying a product that is gonna expire in another 6 months - that too an acne control product. I probably would have bought it had the SA been honest enough to let me know the real reason for the 30% discount. But hiding it - it seems like cheating. 


  1. good news Tanveer...but I'm not bad na? hehe

  2. yup does seem like cheating..i hate it when thweydo this...specially with cosmetics..this is stuff we will be putting on our face.,..they need to be extra carefull

  3. i always check the expiry date before buying cosmetics, because once, a store had sold me expired products and refused to exchange it. I was too young then too argue. but that taught me an important lesson. Now I get on their nerves constantly checking on the dates. :P

  4. ya..that happens many a tyms..n if 1 doesnt happen to check..end up regretting later..m so used to checkin everythg now..

  5. u must have thanked your stars :P

  6. So not done!!!
    this is cheating :(

  7. oh thats too bad... but the retail giants do it all the time...

  8. this is something which all the retailers do, its always best to check recheck the expiry have reminded me to do it religiously, thanks yaa

  9. yup one should ask for expiry date no matter even it is a blog sale or anything...we dont want to use old products for sure:)

    Thanks Tanz.

  10. and i am not pointing to any blogger here it is just to inform all :)


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