Avril Lavigne (Smile) Makeup

I've been listening to Avril Lavigne since my college days. I really enjoy her music & have loved how she has transitioned over the years from rock to a fusion now of pop-rock music. & No, I don't think she is traitor to rock music, no more than Bryan Adams is. :-)
I have also always loved her trademark makeup look - the gothic smoky eyes, pale skin & light pink lips. In college I would try to recreate her look, but then I didn't have enough money to buy products that could do it, and neither did I have the expertise.

Now that I have the products & some idea how to do it, I don't have the right place to wear it to. I certainly can't wear it to office, and it is a lil too made to wear it on the weekend while grocery shopping.

But it still tempts me. This week I caught the video of her new song "Smile" and it tempted me again. She still sports her lots of kohl look, but there is twist this time. The lid is bare but, just in the centre of the lid is a dab of florecent, neon green - the same color as her hair extensions. You see it everytime she blinks, or looks down. It just looks lovely, to see such a pop of color in that smoky eye. Also her smoky look is not at all powdery, it looks very creamy.

Another thing I noticed was that she has not coupled it with nude beige lips. Instead she sports a glossy pale pink peach shade, it is just wonderful. It is understated and neutral, yet so fresh & makes her look so young.

Her skin looks flawless and other than highlighting, there is little evidence of a blush. I loved the look, because it actually gives one a lot of ideas & new trends for the coming future. So much so that I want to try it out now. Maybe I will, this Friday :-)

For those of you who also like to listen to her songs, the video link is below:

Are you too bored of the same old combo of smoky eyes - beige nude lips? Have you seen anything interesting lately that has caught your fancy?


  1. I really liked it Tanvi...a totally diff perspective..esp that pop of green looks cool :-)

    The smokey eyes could have been done with any decent cream shadows no? and not set with a powder on top.

    1. I know - I tried replicating it with a dab of silver - but the eyeshadow I have is of really sucky quality & it creased and melted off in no time :(

      Yea, you are right about the cream eyeshadow - some ppl even use kohl and then add a dab of vaseline on top to get a wet, glistening effect :)

  2. Tanz your post got me so totally made me do this look!Just posted this eye makeup look, check it out :D

    1. I loved what you had recreated - it was far better than what I did :p

  3. It looks really fun!! I love her lippie!! :)
    Nice post!!

    1. Even I liked it - it looks like some high shine gloss na?


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