Miss Claire Crackle Nail Paint - Preview

I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently. I just came back from a holiday & as usual there was a truck load pile of work waiting for me in office. Plus my lappie is still defunct. As a result I'm not really in touch completely with other blogs & I am really missing that.

Crackle nail paint has been a real craze in recent times. Colorbar has launched a black & white version but it is priced at a hefty 500 bucks.

If you have been eyeing crackle nail paints but don't wanna shell out too much dough in these times of Greek debt & impending recession, I've got news for you.

Miss Claire has launched their crackle nail paint in about 10 colors. I had gone shopping today & I picked up silver, golden, emerald green, black & white (not in pic). They also have hot pink, red, maroon, blue & dark green from what I remember. I'm most probably get those depending on how well the Five I got perform.

Miss Claire is some Korean brand I think, coz the bottles say "Made in Korea". I have seen their stuff at Alfa, I once got a pink lipgloss from their range which was really nice, but I haven't tried anything much.

Please don't mind the swatches in the pic above. I was wearing Jordana nail paint in Blackberry, which is a deep berry shade. I was a little sceptical that these nail paints would actually crackle so I asked the sales guy to let me test them. He applied these, so it isn't the neatest application. But this pic is just to show you that these indeed do crackle.

Now here is the best part. These cute babies cost only 150 bucks at Khar Beauty Centre. Since I bought 5, I bargained a bit more & paid 140 per bottle of 15 ml.

These are also available at Alfa - 2 in Irla, but they sell it for 180 & seemed to have a slightly limited stock.

I'm very excited about these nail paints & will try them out in the coming days.

Have you tried either Miss. Claire or any other brand's crackle nail paints? Did you like them?


  1. would be better if you can add some more photos...polishes look good

  2. Looks great Tanveer! I'm reading about this brand everywhere, their eyeshadows, blushes and now Crackle paints...don't know if we get them here in Kol or not!! Haven't seen them around!

  3. Wowwww , crackle nail paints for just 150 rs ?????? unbelievable, this to every one will buy! thanks for this update!

  4. @pooja, miss claire products available at esplanade, I bought their shadows from Cosmetics shops of SS Hogg market,

  5. i just got one of these and these are good for the price i must say :)

  6. I am searching for these beauties since a long time.Would love to check your review and some closeup pics.

  7. i havent found these in bangalore...Rs.150 for crackle nail colours is great deal...

  8. Nice...the bottle looks OPI-ish. I like crackle paints with a metallic finish more than the normal ones though I don't wear them so often :)

  9. looks great. is there one in purple? The price is a great score!

  10. crackles r everywhr these days...

  11. "If you have been eyeing crackle nail paints but don't wanna shell out too much dough in these times of Greek debt & impending recession, I've got news for you."
    I suspect the times are getting worse :(

  12. Wow !! Thats some news :)
    You always makes all of us save so much money :D
    I love your little amazing finds .. Hope you had a great vacation!

  13. wow its so pretty...150rs is a gr8 deal...
    bt i couldnt find marie clarie prods n chennai;(

  14. Amazing find Tanz!! I totally need to check these out, dunno if its available in Delhi, but seriously crackle nail paint at this price is a steal!

  15. They seem really fun things to try out..can't wait!! :)
    great find!!! :D

  16. OMG! This is crazy! I just bought the one in black yesterday to test it out! I was also skeptical about whether they'd crack or not, so i just bought one. If only I'd checked your blog earlier I would have bought the silver and purple ones too! Hehe~
    I have a question, though. I don't know if it's only the black crackle polish i bought or what but, when it dries, it turns to matte grey. Then only if a put a top coat, it becomes black again. Did that happen to yours too?

  17. OOH...150?! I'd buy one in a heartbeat! The emerald green one looks fab



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