Addicted to Blush Beauty Awards 2011 - Makeup

This is the 3rd year I'm doing this, although I will have to admit that I tried far lesser products this year than I did in the previous two - partly because of the fact that I lost my MAC, MUFE, Inglot Makeup while shifting & also because I got a bout of Molluscum Contagisium so I steered clear of makeup for a bit, and spent a lot more on skincare, comparatively. Also I kind of realized that I had not prioritized well enough the split between makeup and my shopping needs - like clothes & accessories.

But nonetheless I did try some stuff this year. I haven't reviewed it all, but I will in the coming weeks, as my laptop is still defunt. :-p


Medium to Heavy coverage:
Bourjois Healthy Mix –I didn't buy any foundation this year!! I still have this bottle from last year & am trying to finish it off. It wins simply because it is so easy to blend, and also it doesn't appear fake even on close inspection 

Light coverage:
Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer with spf 15 – Nothing knocks this product out for me in this category. I've been using it for 3 years now. I love it. 

Colorbar Instant cover up concealor Stick - I use the first one, and it suits me very, very well. It is soft enough to blend but dry enough to stick on to my acne spots. The only issue is with sharping it. It won't sharpen nicely in my lakme one, and I don't wanna pay so much for that overpriced Colorbar one. 

Loose Powder
Lakme Rose Powder light, airy, fine powder. Does a decent job.

Compact Powder
Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact in 01 - I liked this one a lot, and am on my 2nd pan now. 

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base - The names says it all, it is *magic*, I am a believer.


Single - Bourjois Intense Extrait Eyeshadow: I have the black one (10) and am going back for more!! Silky texture, intense pigments. 

Palette - Revlon CustomEyes in Naturally Glamorous. Very good quality, colors suit all eyes & complexions - plus the plaid design on top looks really pretty.

Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick in Astral Blue - This creamy color pencil made smokey eyes a breeze


Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Astral Green - Once at NBC, I convinced a random stranger to get this for her eyes, coz I loved it so much & feel that every girl should have this. Really, it is that awesome. You have this one, right?  

Faces Pencil Eyeliners - These knocked out every other eyeliner I had been using. I have re-purchased these many times now. My favourites - Black Sparkle & Solid Brown. 

MAC Fluidline in Dark Diversion - You got green or hazel eyes? You gotta have this!

I bought only one this year -  the Colorbar one in brown - but it stung my eyes like hell. So this goes vacant this year. 

For the second year running, this goes empty. None of the ones I tried this year merited a re-purchase. 

Eye Base
Didn't buy any this year. Still using NYX in Pearl. 


I didn't like any of the launches this year. 

I would have said Inglot Liquid Face Blush in #81  - But I lost it :-(

Colorbar Blush in Cinnabar – I'm still using this from last year. 

NYX Cream Blush in Red Cheeks - This is the one blush I have to, have. It looks the best and most natural on me. 

MAC Lipstick in Hot Tahiti
I have been pretty much using this non - stop since I got for KC. I love this red lipstick - day or night, office or coffee shop, dressed up or dressed down - it looks perfect on me. Those of you who saw my Diwali Trip pics on FB - this is the lippie I am wearing in each & every picture. It looks so natural on me, I think this is my life lipstick color. This is "The One", lol. 

Inglot AMC Matt Lipliner - I have this in shade 20, I'm gonna get more soon :)

Jordana LOL (Lip Out Loud) Lip gloss. I loved these last year, I still love them this year. They are my HG lipglosses. 

Colorbar Lip pot in Bitten Berry - Not really a "tint" tint, since it is quite creamy. But then this is the only one I tried this year.  

Breakthrough Products of the year: 

1. MAC Lip Prep + Prime: On my 2nd tube. I use this every day, it not only is an excellent lip balm but it makes my lip stick last really long - 6 hours at least. I love this one, this was a great find for me. 

2. MAC brush in 219: Dramatically up-ed the way I apply my eyeshadow. It all blends beautifully now. 

So gals, that's a makeup synopsis this year for me. Coming soon are the posts on skin & hair. 

What were your break - through, must - have, the - best products of the year?


  1. it was a wonderful post

    i was waiting for a post from you for so long...take care and happy holidays

    1. Awww, I'm sorry I have not been posting very regularly.. Office has gotten bit hectic..

      I hope you are doing well too :)

  2. Great picks!!!
    Very useful for ppl like me who r rather clueless abt the prdts and get so confused as to which ones to choose among the plethora of choices available!!

    Great post!!
    Merry Xmas!! :)

    1. Thanks Sims :D.. Though I am having a lot of trouble making the skincare one - because I did so much for my skin this year :)

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  4. Heyyy Tanveer :) There's a blog award for you from my little blog! Check out this post: Blog award for your blog

    1. Thanks a lot for the award Lancy - I'll check it out for sure :)

  5. thanx a lot...dat would be a great help for novices like me... :)

  6. great post as always Tanz,I'd been waiting for your posts for quite a while now.Wish you a merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    1. Thanks so much! I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, just that things were a bit hectic in office :)

  7. A nice and informative post !!!

  8. Love reading such posts.. And I too love most of the products mentioned here. *High five* :)

    1. *high five*

      Glad you enjoyed it & nice to know we have similar tastes as well :D

  9. I agree with you on the Healthy Mix Foundation...amazing stuff

    1. Even I like it Maddy, I only wish they had more shades so that more girls cld enjoy them ;D

  10. Great post Tanveer, so uncomplicated so I'm glad you didnt get to try out many products this year....makes the selection process easy for me :))
    PS: on a totally unrelated note, hrd that you've signed up for the Blisscovered box for January...I'm part of the mob waiting for reviews so that I can pounce on it too, so Thank you! :D

    1. Thanks Keerthi :)..

      LOL - I will do a post the moment I get it with pic so you guys know exactly what they have on offer - problem is that they haven't yet sent anything at all :)

  11. nice round up to the year!! I hav read ur prep+prime review..m gonna chk it and mostly buy it :)

    1. Thanks kejal! Do try it at the store first - with a lippie on top. I hope you like it as well ;)


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