BlissCovered February Box - Preview

Ok, so here is a quick preview of my box contents. I'll write a review in 2-3 days time.


 1. H20+ Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter

2. Omved Tired Foot Soak

3. Calvin Klein CK One Shock

4. Chambor Stay On waterproof eye pencil in Navy Blue

5. Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Day Emulsion

 Like it? I do, big sizes this time, plus makeup too! CK One Shock smells awesome & so does the H20+ body butter...

 So what does your BlissCovered Box contain?


  1. aww this is nice...but i dint order this time..i wasnt happy with with jan box :(

  2. This is so nice .Im waiting for mine.
    Thank you so much Tanvi .
    You and your posts rock :)

    1. Awww! I'm sure your box is awesome Krithi :).. I saw yr comment & quickly posted this.. I was feeling lazy & thght wld do it on the weekend. But then I read yr comment & understood how anxious you must be feeling :D

  3. Ooh one makeup item this time at least :) Shiseido product looks interesting


  4. wah wah makeup products in the box this time!!! AWESOME!!! :D I am soo lemming for my box after seeing yours and Ankita's.... wish I had given my Mumbai address rather than Pune's :(
    nice products btw.. almost forgot to mention it :P

  5. Hi Tanvi ..
    Thanks a ton yaar ,you r so thoughtful :)

  6. wow, nice stuff. I think, I will get my stuff last cause I am in Chennai. Enjoy your goodies. So will you order next month also??

  7. same pinch. ;) mine is almost same except for the perfume :)

  8. WOW Tanz .... this is awesomeeee :D :D .. waiting for your reviews babes ... :D :D

  9. Funner products this time :))
    Waiting for the reviews!!

  10. I am starting to warm up to Shiseido's skincare - its really lovely. Let me know how you find it.
    Overall, this is not a bad box, trust me. Here they just give you teeny tiny samples of mostly skin care and then either a generic nail polish and they are done.

  11. real lucky girl!....after looking at everyone's Jan box i never thought i will register but now you got in interested!.....thanks dear....lets see what others get.....

  12. Omved foot soak was missing from my box though it was on the list ..dissapointing :( everything else is same but I got tje Shiseido white lucent Intensive Spot targeting Serum...I really liked the items in this box...woth the money! Wish the next box contains some MUFE products...hehe

  13. sorry the foot soak was seperately packed and not in the box! I thought a sample was missing mistake.... so if any of you think you are missing this sample just look outside the box..

  14. Hey.. when will we get to know the contents of March box ??

  15. So glad everyone is loving the box! We really love all the products in it!
    @ Rashmi we don't reveal the products ahead of time...we personalize the box to your tastes and preferences and keep the products a surprise!

  16. I am so waiting for my march BOX now... just hope to get atleast one make up product! ..fingers crossed <3

  17. Nice one..Whats an emulsion cream btw Tans? never quite understood...

    m waiting to see my outta town so hafta wait till i reach back to open it up :)

  18. Hey unlucky me.. they denied shipping me the box.. due to unavailability.

    I had registered with them after reading ur article.. i m sad.. how do i get them to ship me the march box.. will having my bday next month (22/3) be enuf to get my hands on it.... :-(


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