The Nature's Co Coffee Face Scrub - Sample Review

It claims: Pamper the coffee lover in you with our invigorating Coffee Face Scrub. It is full of anti-microbial and antioxidant properties that sloughs dead skin, boosts circulation and imparts an instant radiant glow. Wet your face and neck, massage using light circular motions. Rinse off and pat skin dry. Can be used daily. Go ahead and get addicted!

Price: Rs. 525 for 125 ml flip cap squeezy tube. 

Ingredients: Each 100g contains: Coffee extract 0.5%, Coffee powder 1%, Coffee grits 3%, Vegetable Glycerin 6.5%, Olive Oil 1%, Cream Base, Aroma and Natural Preservatives Q.S

What I liked: 

1. The granules it contains are large and chunky, but they are not as abrasive as walnut or apricot shells. 

2. It doesn't dry out the skin. In fact it is quite creamy and I was able to use it during these low humidity winters in Mumbai (humidity here is at an all time low of 45%, generally it is around 80% during summers & goes above 90% during monsoons)

What could be better: 
1. For something that is touted to be for the coffee lover, this is so not it. The smell of coffee in this scrub is very faint, and it doesn't smell purely of coffee, there is a hint of chocolate too (or so I felt). I have made coffee scrubs before (read here) and that one smelt like a hundred times more stronger of coffee than this. I was not very impressed by the lack of coffeeness to this. It should be a lot stronger for it to be addictive. I initially thought maybe wetting with water, or when the scrub is actually massaged on the skin, will release these coffee aromas. But no such luck. It smells just as insipid in the tube as on the face. 

2. It claims to be natural, maybe it is. But I do wish they were a bit more explicit on the mysterious cream base & the natural preservatives. 

Recommended for: I would not recommend this to anyone. For a scrub it is overpriced, and the granules too big and too less to do an even - all over face -  exfoliation. If you are even a little bit aggressive with this, it can hurt your skin. You get much cheaper & gentler scrubs in Himalaya. 

For coffee lovers, please smell this before you purchase. I'm a major coffee buff (I have it almost everyday) and this doesn't smell a lot like coffee, it just has that faint aroma which is not good/strong enough for me to warrant a purchase. Maybe the sample I got was old. I don't know what the issue is. It might be enough for you through. So take a whiff first, and use the tester on your hand to feel the grits before you purchase. 


  1. I use this scrub and I love it. Yes, the smell of coffee is faint and I'm not entirely convinced it's 100% natural, but I really love it. :-)

  2. Good Review Tanveer. But sad that it doesn't smell like coffee that much :(

  3. Usually my skin is rebellious to srcrubs. I have used their hair oil and liked it. But I don't understand, since it is an Indian brand, why the products should be so pricey ? :(

    Nah, a passe for me

  4. very nice review, yes, their products are pricey but some products are very fine and impressive.

  5. yeah i don't understand the prices on The Nature Co at all...i mean at the end of it all they are an Indian brand with locally made products!!!

  6. is very expensive for 125 ml scrub...nice review :)

  7. ur right...i too felt the fragrance isnt really coffee kinds...i think its better t try HipHop coffee scrub nstead of this...sae stff, diff and better pricing..

  8. It is pricey...n the name and the cost does set the expectations pretty high...too bad it don't live up to them..
    nice review!! :)

  9. I live in India, so I would'nt be able to try this, but I love scrubs in general because I feel like they really lift the dirt. If you ever feel like doing a make-up cosmetic swap, it would good to see what Indian cosmetics are like. Ive subscribed to your blog.

    Check my blog out :

  10. u know what! i felt the same. I like my coffee to be strong and it had that fake coffee aroma that did nothing to my senses.i already had a lot of expectation from this scrub after reading lots about it in blogosphere. I feel the scrub particles are less in quantity and abrasive too.....will not repurchase but glad that i got the sample, coz i was planning on getting this sometime in the future. :)

  11. I have been using the Hip hop strawberry scrub and I am quite happy with it but I try not to rub it too much because you never know when your scrub decides to give you zits. Which one are you using at the moment?

  12. m addicted to coffee..this looks tempting :)

  13. its indeed pricey n sad tht it doesnt work...


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