Priyanka Chopra in Agneepath

There is a real fun story behind how I saw this movie. I sauntered into Fame Adlabs on Saturday evening (the cancelled Goa vacation weekend), looking to book tickets for a Sunday movie. I was just shortlisting the movies we could watch, when this couple approached us. They had two tickets for Agneepath show, today, starting in 5 minutes, did we want them?

The tickets were Rs. 300/- a piece and tbh I wasn't sure if Agneepath was worth blowing up 600 bucks over it (think of how many Jordana blushes I can get in that money!), but then we said ok, and asked them how much did we owe them.

To my utter surprise, they refused any payment. They said they had got the tickets complimentary, and since they couldn't watch the movie, they wanted to give the tickets to someone else, so that they would not go waste!!

Weren't they the nicest people ever? Like movie / box-office angels.. I didn't catch their names, but thank you where ever you are! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Now I only wish I'd run into someone like outside MAC. She should have bought makeup worth some five grand, but then she should suddenly realize that she already has all of these in her kitty and has so, generously decided to donate these to me. (Don't ask me why she can't turn around and return that stuff back to the counter. Maybe MAC has a no return policy once you buy, even if not used. Besides it is my fantasy, and as we all know, anything is possible).

Coming back to the point of this post. Yes, Agneepath had PC playing the role of Kalli, a beauty salon owner. She lives in a chawl. And wears two inches of pancake everyday. Where she gets access to all such kraylon makeup is beyond me, when she shown as a person of limited means (Have to be Politically Correct, when writing about PC). Maybe she lies to her customers, tells them she is using Kraylon, when she actually uses Lacto Calamine & Lakme, and instead applies all of that to her face.

So you get it right, I didn't like PC in the movie. She reminded me of Nargis in Rockstar. Totally lost.

Coming to her makeup. I expected her to do bareface a bit more convincingly. She plays a girl struggling to make ends meet, in a modest chawl. But her foundation was very, very obvious. Thick, matt, layered on. She should look at Katrina (in Ajab Prem.. the library scene, as well as when her step mom is scolding her) for tips on how to do the no-makeup look.

Her eyes are quite well defined in the movie, with a lot of liquid black eyeliner used to define the upper lash line. She also sports a neutral taupe brown eyeshadow only on the lid & bit in the crease to define. A light dusting of blush like MAC Desert Rose (reddish brown) completes the look.

Her lipstick was quite nice. I think it was MAC Brave. It was matt, neutral, browny - red and totally wearable to office, during day time. I think she wore this for most of the movie as a tint and feel this is a good option that girls her coloring can look into. She's also got her lips plumped up like Nargis, btw.

On a side note, I noticed that the men in the movie were wearing quite a bit of makeup. Hrithik looked like he had the full face treatment of bronzer, eyeshadow (a neutral taupy one to create definition around his eyes. A lot of the other stars had kajal around the eyes and in one scene I even felt that Rishi Kapoor was wearing a nude, MAC Hug Me type shade.

Katrina Kaif's face, something is off with it. It just won't move and looks puffy. Her face tends to remain very expressionless as opposed to her dancing which at times is a lot like she's being fast-forwarded. I was very caught up in the tension of that song, between Sanjay Dutt & Hrithik, to notice her makeup.

* My apologies to PC fans. I'm just didn't like her in the movie, am sure she is an awesome, gorgeous person / actress otherwise.

So have you seen the movie? Did you like PC's makeup?


  1. Tanz..i loved reading yur post..and u guys were damn lucky and there r still such nice people around..:) how sweet is that :)

    beside the pancake foundation why she used the same eyeshadow and thick eyeliner through out the movie.when she was a beauty palour owner she could have experimented a bit more and this lipsticks shades of her..same line of shades were used in DON too..but overall she was not bad and i didn't like the way she died ..thoda fake laga :D

    Kat dance moves were amazing but her face was all swollen the way what was she doing on that scary island :D:D .

    1. Thanks a lot Anks! :D

      I know, I have been telling people non-stop about that incident. Who does such things these days? Even if one is not going for movie, one tends to throw away the tickets. Imagine coming all the way to the theater just to give them away to some strangers!! :D

      LOL! Yea, nice observation, she has the same makeup look throughout the movie. Maybe that was their way of showing she is poor, she has only black liquid eyeliner, one eyeshadow & one MAC lipstick. Yup, they could have really played with the concept of her as a salon owner, she's an extrovert so she could be shown as being lil experimental with her makeup. I guess no other bothered with her role, she was meant just as some comic relief and then to heighten the villainous behaviour of Kancha.

      I haven't seen DON, but she wears this shade of lipstick a lot in real life also a lot. Must be like her most fav ever.

      Kat shd not have gone in for all those fillers. She looked a lot better before.

      LOL! I was getting a bit scared for her, all alone on that stupid island, and that Kancha was freaking me out, the way he was looking at both Hrithik & Kat.. I thght they both were going to be in massive trouble soon.

  2. lucky u tanve...nice to see some good ppl around :)
    me dint watch the movie...jus the chikini chameli song and gun gun dont knw abt the makeup

    1. I know Varshini, what a stroke of luck na!

      I heard karan johar has refused to part with the television rights of the movie. So it may never be telecast on TV, if you wanna watch it, better go to a cinema soon :D

  3. totally love love love your posts.. and i actually look forward to reading them so much that I wish you could write a column every Saturday in that glossy Saturday Edition...
    haven't seen the movie but I am such not a fan of Pc's... why? for a simple reason of her foundation being too "matte-ish and dry" and her love for brown lipsticks :( :P LOL!

    1. Awwww! Sam! That is so sweet! :D :D.. Your comment totally made my day & now I can't wait to get home to show your comment to my hubby! Thanks a lot for all the love & appreciation. It really means a lot to me. :D.. you are a sweetheart :D

      I'll be honest here, I don't like PC either. Her makeup of course is a point of contention. If someone asked me for an example of someone being stuck in a rut - I'll point to PC.. no variation in makeup, clothes.. she's just boring. So scared of making a mistake. PC, it is makeup. It can come off with a tissue.

  4. Really enjoyed reading this Tanveer..I havent watched the movie yet..the ticket incident it sounds so wonderful. I hope your MAC wish comes true some day.... I could never make out makeup on actresses till i started using it myself..Now i am obsessed with commenting about how the skin tone of an actress's face is so different from skin tone on her neck...I don't like PC much myself...

  5. You are like super fun..really love reading your posts..yup I agree with you about the foundation part..I hated the matte look..dewy and fresh would have been so much better and I was laughing so much imagining Rishi Kapoor applying Hug me...hee..heee..heeeee

  6. wow!! some luck!!! I m yet to see the movie but I did see priyanka in Don2 and she has puckered lips..swollen soo bad..eeessssh!

  7. PC is over the top not only for make up but acting too!As far as make up is concerned I dont think a karan johar movie will ever have a no make up look for the actress!!And the only thing I could see whenever camera was on PC were her humongous lips!Coming to katrina in chikni chameli..she spoiled the song like anything..she was the only sore aspect of the song,her seductive and sensuous expressions looked more like constipated!!

    PS:sweet and surprising incidents like this become lovely stories to be told again and again:))

  8. I watched the movie and didn't like it so going to watch it again because of all the hype and a possible reason I didn't concentrate on movie for the first time.
    I'll notice all made-up faces now - for sure!! ;)

  9. Woohoo for free tickets!! I also noticed her ♥ of brown lipsticks in the movie. I think she has made that her signature coz you never see PC without a nude/brown lipstick. :)

  10. Tanz will you believe if I tell you that I had the exact same experience!!Movies usually aren't my thingy.A friend working in a media co. (wont name which one ;) ) had passes for Agneepath premier and invited us just 1 hr before the movie, so even I saw the movie for free (with complimentary drinks & snacks to boot! can imagine lady luck must be shining on me)
    That's not it because the event was hosted by his company he had tons of invites and when many colleagues didn't turn up for the event, he went around distributing the tickets to perfect strangers!Talk about Box office Angel!!!!

    My sentiments on Piggy Chops makeup and her role in general was same as yours... just not happening.The men in the movie were another story altogether, Rishi Kapoor gave an awesome performance and man his makeup,he looked roguish with that smoky khol ! Hrithik & bronzers- Total love :)

  11. About Katrina's makeup- one thing that was off about it were the lips. She's got them plumped and the makeup artist tried to plump them up further I think. And she's not really a natural dancer so her expressions didn't come through.

  12. hahaha...great post!!!
    I actually never look up to PC for any make up tips...but hav noticed tht she always wears brownish colored lippies!!! And yeah...wht is wid heroines n their lips nowadays??!!
    Fantastic post!!! :)

  13. I was reading this post with one eye closed in case of any spoilers.. hehe.. I have not watched the movie yet, and all my friends have, i dont know what am i going to do now. I mean i have been to watch a movie alone in the past but maybe i'll pass on this one.
    And actually Tanveer none of my friends liked Priyanka in this movie, Everybody was gaga about Hrithik though.
    Great Post!

  14. Wow T, tats awesome.. free tickets and a fun day.. great .. !!!!!

  15. Oh I HATE her. Sorry I try not to bash celebs because I have had issues with people saying nasty things about xyz celeb and I have low tolerance for class less bashing - but you are right. i don't like her because her face is 200% made of plastic surgeries and the rest is make up. Ok, i'll stop now because I must practice what I preach...I prefer natural imperfect people than botoxed/plastic. LOL at Rishi wearing Hug Me :) hahaha its my favorite lipstick. I didnt watch that movie, in fact I haven't seen a bollywood flick in almost a year :O Hoping to catch ek main aur ek tu - it has my favorite Kareena in it.

  16. love this post totally tanveer n a grand salute for ur observation tooo dont like p.c sooo fake n now with her sleeping-around with srk..her level is just going down!!

  17. Hehehe :P even I don't like her :D She has too much airs!!Hrithik luks hoooott :d and priyanka toh ekdam opposite!!Loved Kat's dancing but ntn more! Great post Tanveer :D I always liked ur style of writing :)Urs was d first beauty blog I came across while searching for a review :D

  18. PC is somehow looking ridiculously fair...btw they maintain that look throughout the film itself is a big thing when I can replicate the look I did in my older posts..LOL....

    PC has airs about herself being a great actress which she is not...Success has definitely done her some extra attitude which is ok I guess...I have seen so many people especially here in Mumbai who have attitude issues without any credibility or any educational background and people who donot have attitude when they are so well educated n all.....So its ok!

  19. LOL...aww such nice people giving away movie tickets to random people LOL....and LOL at free MAC stuff too. You're hilarious! I was never a fan of PC for some reason but I admit she acts well in some movies. This one I won't be watching for sure :D


  20. I like you post thanks for sharing such nice and entertaining stuff.. Priyanka look stunning in this desi outfits..

    Lehenga choli


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