Divo Bris Care - Review

Divo Bris Care is a Hair Brush Cleaner

It claims: See Image below

Price: Rs. 115 /-

Available: I know this is sold at New Beauty Center, for sure :-)

How to use: See image below

What I liked: 

1. It really does clean the brush within a few minutes. As you can see in the images below, I took a dirty brush (sorry for that) and used this. Within 2 minutes it was as good as new. It hardly takes any time to clean brushes. with this.

Dirty Brush!!
This is how you clean
2. It is an unique product! I haven't seen anything like this, and what makes it even better is that it is dry-cleaning. So you clean your brush & are good to go. No waiting for brush to dry, etc.

Ta Da! Clean Brush :-)

3. For such a unique product it is priced quite decently at Rs. 115/-

4. It is quite tiny and compact, yet sturdy at the same time hence it is easy to travel with. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and it hasn't shown much wear & tear yet. It has a wooden handle base & synthetic bristles

What could be better: 

1. I can't think of anything, other than one can't clean combs with this. But then this is not designed for that in the first place.

2. I really would have liked this to come with its own compact storage box. The packaging is really nice and it is sealed from all sides, but one has to tear open the packet to remove this. Once open, this does lie around naked, and itself exposed to dust & dirt. It would really be great if this came with a small plastic container to keep this in. I know that might push up the price a but though.

Recommended: Yes! If you use hair brushes, then yes! Get this. This is really a no-fuss, economical & quick solution to cleaning your brushes, esp in between washes. As you might know a dirty brush is likely to undo all the pampering you have done with conditioners & serums by making your hair look greasy.

Product sent by Company / PR for review

So did you like it? How do you girls clean your brushes??


  1. I nvr knw abt such a thing...It does really sound interesting!! Innovative pdt!!
    Great review!! :)

    1. I saw it once, very long back at NBC.. the SA kept trying to sell me this, but I thought it was too good to be true :D

  2. I need something like this, any idea if we can get anything similar online??

  3. I don't know about similar, but this is available on healthkart here: http://www.healthkart.com/product/divo-bris-clean-brush-cleaner/DIVO12

  4. Hey! This is nice. I'm usually so lazy to clean the brushes that I have stopped using them at all :P I stick to wide toothed combs instead

    1. Even I did that in the middle.. I got tired of using dirty brushes & used combs - but the tend to flatten my hair. And with my hair, I need all the volume possible :D

  5. Hey dear, You are tagged by me. For more details, go here on my blog.

  6. this is so useful!!!! like Nivedita, even I have stopped using my brush and sticking to my comb :D

  7. Yay, even I'm totally loving this mini wonder, gets my hair brushes clean in a jiffy

  8. Wow! This is super.. I hate having to clean my brush..it feels easier to chuck it and buy a new one onestly.. But makes our lives much easier :)

  9. Good one! Wish they made one for combs too!

  10. This really worked for me....

  11. This really worked for me...


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