Inglot Freedom Lipstick #51 - Review

You know the drill by now right? For those of you who are new to Inglot Freedom series lipsticks, these cost Rs. 250 for a 1.2 gm container.
Inglot Freedom Lipstick #51

You can read my general review of the range here

Quality & Pigmentation: Three's the charm they say. This one is very creamy, soft & moisturizing on the lips. It is pigmented, but not as much as #01. A single layer may not cover the pigmentation of your lips completely, but second layer will take care of it. It does tend to wear off a bit quickly too because it is more emollient. Don't expect more than 3 hours of wear from this.
Inglot Freedom Lipstick in #51

Color: Cool toned girls, here is your fuchsia, barbie pink shade. It is actually a gorgeous, girly & very spring - summer pink. Unapologetic. It reminds me of Barbie, in a good way.

This is one of those shades that requires the full face treatment when worn intensely. You cannot get away wearing this only, this requires that your skin look prefect, even if you skip heavy eye makeup, or else it starts to look OTT.

But worn as a tint, you can get away with just some basic tinted moisturizer - concealing (if you have acne, coz this pulls out all the pinkness in your skin). But you should not avoid it completely.

The good thing is that since it has cool undertones, it makes your teeth appear really white.

Inglot Freedom Lipstick in #51 - Swat
It seems like a close dupe for MAC Lustering. There, but not quite there.

Overall: This is a tricky color for even cool toned gals to carry off on a bare face, warm toned girls  - try in store before purchasing online. And try this one on your lips, not just a hand swatch. Cool toned girls looking for a fuchsia Katy Perry pink - this is a good option.

Product sent by brand / PR for consideration. 


  1. pretty shade..but not fr warm toned :(

    1. Yes, it is pretty.. I think you will be able to find this in a warm base in inglot or any other company as well :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful colour! And the swatch makes me think it would make a great blush colour too. :)

  3. A perfect pink shade for fairer skin <3

    1. Yes! How are you Palak? Long time, no news :P

  4. The color is lovely, but I doubt if it would suit me. Not pigmented like others? So do we infer that the shades are not equally pigmented?

    Each of the colors that you swatched, I'm sure looks so pretty on you Tanz! :)

    1. This is a color that needs to tried on before purchase.. I noticed that there is a slight variation in the textures of these, some are more glossy and therefore comparatively sheer - the pigmentation is comparable to Revlon CB lipsticks. But some like #01 are less shiny, bit more creamy and therefore more pigmented.

      They all look good in swatches, but actually only 03 & this 51 are the ones that look good on me. 01 is a disaster :)

  5. I'm loving this shade T. Might get it for myself :)


  6. Would I get this brand at Beauty Centre in Mumbai? Never heard of it before but amazing color


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