Yami Gautam in Vicky Donor

Tell me you have seen this movie! You have, right?

Did I hear you say No?? Well, then go right away. This is one of those really good movies you shouldn't miss!

But this movie in no way is path - breaking for the way Yami Gautam does her make-up or dresses. Yes, she looks good & has good screen presence. But her makeup & clothes are very normal, very everyday. Maybe they meant it to be like that, she had to come across like a normal, girl-next-door who works at a bank. It flatters her, but it didn't make me whoop in joy - OMG! look at her lipstick!

And that is why I decided to do this breakdown. Because some of us may want to look like normal girls-next door sometimes.

1. First up is the base. Create a good canvas. But there is no contouring in this look.

2. Next up for eyeshadow, use a a pale peach pink just all over the lid. Use a light matt brown just in the crease to give it a bit of defination.

3. Define the brows really well, fill in the gaps with brown eyeshadow.

4. Next grab a black kohl, something like Lakme Asolute Kohl liner and line your eyes with a thickish line on top & lower lash line. Also apply on the waterline and smudge it a bit to create evenness & close the gaps. Apply mascara.

5. Use a peach - pink blush like Bourjois Lilas D'or in #33 on the apples of the cheek

6. For the lips, if it is daytime use a peach/pink brown lipstick like Lakme Peach Carnation or else for night time a pale beige gloss.

That's all there is to her look in the movie.

Have you seen the movie? Liked her look?


  1. I saw the movie, liked it a lot! Liked her office look a lot, looks good with saree!

  2. I agree: there was no wow factor to the makeup.

  3. i watched this flick and loved it like crazzy!!! it was so funny..a bit slow at some points but overall really a fun watch :)

    luved the break down Tans :)

  4. I totally loved the movie!! Kudos to JA and the whole cast & crew for making such a great movie on a sensitive topic. While Yami's makeup looked very simple and basic, I personally quite liked the girl next door look.Very wearable for everyday office.

  5. I haven't watched the movie yet , but i like the makeup because its very everyday and totally wearable ! :)

  6. Liked the movie and her simple makeup :D Totally right for a next door girl!Thanks for the breakdown T :)

  7. haven't seen the movie..but nice post!! :))

  8. i really loved the movie A LOT :D it has become one of my fav movies hehe :P
    and i liked her simple makeup too :)


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