Rimmel London.. Now in Mumbai

Some of you must have heard of Rimmel London right?

Yup, the one with a lot of different mascaras & nail paints & eyebrow pencil kits, yeah?

They are here in Mumbai!

Infinity - II at Malad has a store called Parsus Parcos (thanks Parul!) on the ground floor. I guess it is new, coz I've never seen it before. From outside it I could see that it was a posh version of Beauty Centre with Shiesho, Liz Arden & the works. Curosity got the better of me and I went in the store.

They had some "budget" brands too like Maxfactor &  Bourjois, Sally Hansen et al. But then I saw it.
Tucked in a corner was Rimmel London.

They have most of their range there - from nail paints to mascara to eyeliners. Most of it is decently priced between Rs. 250 to Rs. 500.. Excellent, right?

I tried a lot of things, but I eventually just bought a eye liner called Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in shade called Plum something. It is a deep aubergine purple (I know! I'm obsessed with purple liners!). That's my litmus test for any new brand. I always try their eyeliner first - generally a brown or purple. If I like how it works, then I look at other things. It cost me 270 /-

Also I wasn't very sure what works well, considering that I've never really bothered with reviews for this brand.

Anyways, I'm excited about a new brand in the market at good prices. Let's see how they fare...

Have you tried anything from Rimmel? Any suggestions?
What other drugstore brands would you like to see in India?


  1. ahh.. if its indian malls with other brands then I think it will soon be sold in indian online stores as well. Really wanna try their mascaras.

  2. Infinity II is oo far far away from me :( sighhhhhh.. lemme chk if Rimmel is available town side :) but a "woohoo" for Rimmel for making it to India :D

  3. Some products r really nice and some r ok is what i have read..
    I wanna try some too!! :)

  4. They're at the Delhi airport domestic terminal too, along with Bourjois! But I have yet to spot them at any other shops outside of that one. Was excited to see it but was in a rush so I didn't get to pick anything up!

  5. Try their foundations, lipsticks and blushes

  6. I have read some good reviews about its foundations...wud definitely luv to try that :)

  7. Yes they r at Delhi domestic airport terminal been Around for a few months I did swatch a few things but nothing really caught my fancy..hope they open more stores soon

  8. I think you mean Parcos stores...I tried the rimmel lipstick recently and it turned out to be a good buy

  9. I've tried lipsticks and glosses by Rimmel. I also have a Rimmel green shimmery eye liner. The products have been really good.

  10. I discovered the counter in the same store a few weeks ago but was more excited when I saw Sally Hansen because I've been dying to try their nail stickers!

  11. I have tried rimmel ... Their eyeliners and mascaras are great ! Rimmel is one of the brands you can trust :)

  12. I have tried rimmel ... Their eyeliners and mascaras are great ! Rimmel is one of the brands you can trust :)

  13. Rimmel london has great products and the products are budget friendly as well!!! :)
    I looovvvveeee Rimmel

  14. Where would I be able to find rimmel exaggerate waterproof eye definer in Mumbai?


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