Colorbar Nail Paint Exclusive 56 - Review & NOTD

I love glitter nail paints. I love how they shine & shimmer. I love how they stay on for really long. And I also have a fascination for black based shimmer nail paints. So there is no way I could have walked away from the counter without this nail paint. I don't know why this is called "Exclusive" though, I'm not sure if this is LE.

Price: Rs 150 for 9 ml bottle.

What I liked:

1. This is based based golden shimmer nail paint. On the nails, the black forms a very light base, dark enough to accentuate the golden shimmer & light enough to get the shimmer take center stage.

 2. The formula itself is thin and therefore I find it easy to work with. I don't like polishes that are too thick as I always mess up the application. The first coat goes on sheer, but it is very build-able  I'm wearing three coats in the pictures + a clear top coat. The glitter is densely packed in the formula & you will get very good coverage in 2-3 coats without your nail feeling heavy & suffocated.

Colorbar Nail Paint Exclusive 56

3. My maid has been absconding, which means I have been washing utensils myself. I was sure this would come off after one session of washing. But it has stayed on. It faded very little bit along the tips - very little. But on the whole it didn't chip, dull down or wear off.

4. The brush is pretty decent. Nothing exciting, but nothing bad either.

5. It is a neutral shade, I think it'll pretty much look good on everyone with everything.

6. The shimmer / glitter is very, very fine and doesn't feel gritty or heavy on the nail.

What could be better: 
1. The price? Y U NO make economical products anymore Colorbar? Y U try to ape Inglot? Y NO name?

Overall: I'm very fond of gold & silver shimmer / glitter nail paints. So I really like this one as well. If you are into glitter nail paints then you will enjoy this. 


  1. I love the color and the overdose of shimmer...Colorbar is hiking their prices like anything the new nail paints in the OPI lookalike bottles are so so expensive

  2. I also like colorbar nail paints.. they give nice finish and staying power is good.


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