My current skin routine

Fathima of Babble Queen Diaries has been running a section called "Girl Talk" where she features bloggers / friends and talks about some aspect of Beauty.

For her latest post, she honoured me by contacting me for my current skincare routine. You can read about my entire current routine here.

My routine has simplified over the years. Maybe because I don't have the time anymore to apply and wait for layers of products to absorb, maybe because I use more gentler products now so my skin doesn't need as much TLC.

Anyways, scoot over to Fathima's blog to read more!


  1. Hey Tanveer,
    I have a query about the cleansing routine. It was mentioned you use a cold cream to do a cream cleanse. Do you also use a face wash? If you do use it, is it after the cream cleanse or before. Also you apply the washed ghee cream after the cold cream cleanse. Even if you washed away the excess cold cream before applying the ghee wouldn't it be too oily on the skin ?

    1. Hey Shalini, I don't use a face-wash at all. Haven't used it since the last 3 years. I use either Ponds or Jergens or Noxema Cold Cleansing Cream and wipe off all the cream cotton soaked with Bioderma Micellar Water or even plain water is okay. After about 30 minutes I apply the washed ghee. I don't find it oily.


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