ATB BB Series: Things I don't miss anymore

I don't miss being invisible

I don't miss dreading shopping sessions at malls coz nothing that Zara or Forever 21 had would fit me

I don't miss having to make do with matronly style western wear from ALL - my single source of Western Wear.

I don't miss wearing a uniform of kurta-churidar all the time to office, which I hate.

I don't miss the anxiety before attending social events or meeting new people, because I knew they would judge negatively even before I said a word to them

I don't miss not being able to wear more than an inch of heel because my feet could not take my weight

I don't miss being out of breath after climbing two floors of staircase

I don't miss not being able to cross my legs

I don't miss the acne I suffered from

I don't miss wearing only jeans be it summer or monsoon, because I felt I could not wear skirts or shorts at my weight

I don't miss feeling that people didn't take me seriously because I was over-weight

I don't miss the tears stemming from feeling unworthy

I don't miss the chafing & having to darn the only pair of jeans that fit me every three months

I don't miss dreading summers, because I could not find shorts my size

I don't miss feeling weak and unhealthy

I don't miss my opinions being dismissed

I don't miss being thought of as lazy and undisciplined

I don't miss feeling tired all the time

I don't miss feeling that no matter what I accomplished, I would never be respected because I was overweight

I don't miss styling my hair & makeup the same way every single day because my face had to look slimmer

I don't miss feeling jealous of other girls who were skinny

I don't miss the unsolicited lectures on health and how I obviously, didn't care for mines

I don't miss being told - You dance so well, for your weight.

I don't miss feeling ugly

I don't miss the fear of being rejected, simply because I was over-weight

I don't miss waiting to be thin to finally start living my life

I have completed 2 & 1/2 years on my paleo / primal diet and since I began the journey towards losing 50 kgs.

In my previous post, I had mentioned the Fantasy of being Thin.

I honestly bought into a magically fairy-tale of how my life would turn around once I became thin. And while my last post was to let you know in some part that being thin hasn't turned my life around, it would also be unfair on my part to not list all the ways my life has changed for the better since my weight loss. Which is the list above.

Life at both plus - size and regular size has its benefits and drawbacks. Yes, being fat also has its benefits - hard as it may seem to understand. In some ways it makes you mentally and emotionally stronger.

It takes ingenuity to put in effort to dress up well, with the limited resources.

It takes courage to meet people, knowing that they will comment negatively on your weight.

It takes self-confidence to not let the comments get you down

But being thin has its benefits too. And I wanted to recognize those as well.

PS: This post was inspired by a very brave girl called Andie whose weight loss blog that I follow. You can read the post here


  1. This is such a brave and sweet post. You have accomplished a lot and deserve to reap the benefits!! And you're right - it takes strength to be a big or small person and deal with comments and unsolicited advice. Unfortunately we are too quick to judge, especially on physical features of women.
    Well done!!

  2. Awesome, now you have to tell me how? I'm fighting a similar battle and cant seem to win it at all. Help!!


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