Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Swatches

Ki had requested for swatches of Tinted Taupe.

Below are the swatches of the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks. I have tinted taupe. The other two I borrowed from my friend for swatch purposes. Each of the lipsticks have been swiped 4 times to show you the deepest tone.
Top to Bottom: Tinted Taupe, My Mahogany & Summer Sunset
Tinted Taupe (Top): A deep berry brown color. Has shimmer.This actually applies very sheer. But that would not show up in the pictures so I swiped it 4 - 5 times to build up the intensity. It is a sheer berry color.

My Mahogany (Middle): A regular peach brown shade for the nude lip look.  Is on the warmer side, did not look so good on my cool toned skin.

Sunset summer (Bottom): a deep reddish pink.

You can read my review of these here

Have a Happy Weekend! 


  1. All three look good, my mahogany would probably suit my skin tone. ..

  2. I liked all the three because i want to increase my lipstick collection..they are really pigmented...

  3. i have my mahogany and boy is it pretty..!!!

  4. I like all of them...esp My Mahogany


  5. i like my mahogany n sunset summer...very nice colors!

  6. Summer Sunset looks very pretty!

  7. @Sarah, Rakshanda & Mehak: I hope u like it :)

    @Anamika: Hehehe, do try Revlon Color Burst if you are looking to get some new lippies. They are way better than these ;D

    @Rima: It is. Glad it works for u, on me it just looks weird peach orange.

    @CZ: It is a pretty shade :)

    @Srish & Gio: Yea, I too like summer sunset, a nice color for night time.

  8. Just saw this - I wonder HOW I missed it :(

    I love tinted taupe - will smell it 1st though before buying ;)

  9. All three look so good...wonder why it doesn't look good on you..I thought all of them would look fab on you.

  10. All three are lovely...will put them on my list... :)


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