Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick and Lip Gloss - Review

There has been a mad buzz around the Maybelline Color Sensational Range since the day it was launched abroad and India too has been no different. Of course, I am not impervious to all this and *had* to figure out what the fuss was all about.

I picked a lipstick - Tinted Taupe (a shimmery berry brown lip color) and a gloss Plum-tastic (plum berry) to check out the range.

Review - Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick (Tinted Taupe)

1. Very moisturising. It just glides on the lips like a balm, and it is totally weightless. Lips feel soft and smooth for hours on end

2. Highly pigmented, despite being sheer (the one I got was sheer). The color payoff was good and the tint lasted for a good 5-6 hours.

3. Shimmer is very fine and does not feel gritty at all.

4. Price is economical. Rs. 299 a tube.

1. The smell. I know lots of people love it, but I just can't stand the toffee smell. I am allergic to it and burst into a bout of sneezes every time I use this lipstick. I find the smell too intense, too overpowering and too long-lasting.

2. The packaging. Again a lot of people like it, but to me it appears too masculine, it kind of reminded me of a cigarette lighter. And over the last few days it has acquired some scratches on its surface.

Will I purchase the lipstick again: No.

Because I am unable to use the lipstick because of the smell. I personally prefer Revlon Colorstay to these. Even though Maybelline has far more shades, I didn't like most of them. I felt like Revlon had lesser range but more wearable shades, the color pay off is much more intense, the lipstick feels very light on the lips plus the packaging is also far better.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss (Plum-tastic) Review

1. The color range is fabulous. All 9 -10 colors are wearable and look amazing. '

2. The lasting power. These lip glosses last longer than any other lipgloss I own, and even when they wear off they leave behind a very even lip tint that lasts a good 8 hours on me through eating. This lip gloss takes care of the one gripe I have with glosses in general - the lasting power

3. The smell though similar to the lipstick, is quite faint and tends to dissipate within a minute. Also there is no bad taste to this thing

4. The gloss is very pigmented. Even a sheer thin layer is true to the color of the gloss. I feel that this is a good replacement for Lakme's Aquashine. It has the shine, staying power, is cheaper and is intensely pigmented.

5. Price is good at 250 for a tube.

6. This is not very sticky as a lip gloss. However I do experince a slight cooling / tingling sensation when I use these. Not that it bothers me a lot, but I am just curious to know if that happens to others too, and why that happens.

1. The packaging. The tube is a plain clear glass tube with no logo, no shade name. Nothing. At the bottom of the tube is a tiny sticker which has the shade name in very small lettering. I guess they skimped on the packaging to keep the cost low.

Will I re-purchase: Already have.

In addition to Plum-tastic, I got Sugared Honey (Peachy brown with shimmer), Wine all Mine (deep purple burgundy tones & multicolor shimmer) and Touch of Toffee (light brown with silver shimmer). All 4 are amazing and I plan to get some more colors next month.

Color Sensational Lipstick vs Lip Gloss:
I so much prefer the lip glosses in this range to the lipsticks. They have amazing colors, very long lasting & moisturising at the same time. Of course, this could be as I instinctively prefer lip glosses in general to lipsticks.


  1. Ohh Sad ur allergic to this smell...I looooved the smell of the sensational lipsticks n the color range too...I got 2..plm paradise and copper brown...totally loved the packaging too...I loved the shades of lipgloss too but I dont wear glosses much so will give that a miss..


  2. I am not fond of toffy smell too and I am glad u especially mentioned about it.Now i am going to smell it before swatching it before buying it ...

  3. @HD: Yup, lots of people love the toffee - caramel like fragrence of this product. Sadly my nose is a lil too sensitive to it. :P

    @Anamika: Please do smell the lipstick. I so wish I had done it before purchasing it. The color tinted taupe is lovely, but I am just unable to wear it becoz of the smell.

  4. Hey Tanveer - could you swatch tinted taupe for me please? It would really be helpful! Oh and is it on the warmer side?

  5. @Ki: Sure.. I'll put up the swatches tonight. Hmm, yea it is a bit on the warmer side - it is a mix of berry, light brown with a bit of plum. Kind of like a deep berry shade.

  6. I loved the watershine lip glosses from maybelline... bought 2 tubes with my trousseau shopping more than 2 years ago and still using them! Lasting power has been a gripe with all the glosses and if this one is as good as you say, they defintely are worth picking... :)

    btw, have you tried ULTA glosses?

  7. Sounds like my kinda shade :D my lips are mauve-y pink so I always looked for browns with dark pink or purple hints!

  8. @Anks: I didn't try the watershine ones, so can't say how these compare to that, but these are most long lasting in my kit. The gloss itself lasts a good 2 hours and the tint at least 6 to 8 hours.

    We don't get ULTA here, so sadly haven't tried those.. Are they good?

  9. i love the revlon colorburst more too. the colorsensational is more like a balm to me as i have a nudish colour for my lips, my mahogany. totally worth the price though! the lip glosses don't have any logo or lettering? how bland! but i guess these lipsticks and glosses are going to be forerunners in the market now.

  10. OMG..its really sad that u are allergic to lippie smell considering how good it is...
    And yes the gloss from this range is amazing

  11. @Ki: The lipstick is similar to Revlon's Beyond Natural Protective Lip tint in deep berry, only it has shimmer.. I love the revlon one because it looks so natural, but that is quite expensive so I got this as a economical dupe :)

    @Rima: Yea, they are worth the price at 300/-, but given a choice I would rather get Revlon :P

    The lip gloss tube is very plain and makes it look a lil cheap to be honest. It comes sealed with a plastic wrap that does feature the shade name & company name, but you have to take it off to open the gloss. The only other thing on the tube is the Price tag sticker. It looks just like in the image above. Plain.

    @Maddy: Yea, initially I was very flumoxed. Each time I would use this thing, I would start sneezing & sneezing like no tomorrow. I guess it is too strong for me :(

  12. Ohh..I have to do a sniff test then..though I do love toffee-caramel smells. And you had to add that thing about it looking like a lighter...I loved the case and the packaging but now..the more I look at it..the more it looks like a lighter to me too :-(

  13. @Rads: Most people love the smell of these lipsticks, so if you already have an affinity to it, I guess you will like it too :)

    LOL, I am sorry Rads. Didn't intend to change your view of the packaging.

    The red ones look ok, but you should see the ones in brown (tinted taupe is in a brown one).. the moment I saw it it looked like one of those cheap, clear & colorful plastic lighters you get.

    Frankly lots of people like the packaging. I guess I might just be the odd one out :P

  14. I just bought my first lipstick yesterday! A nude shade from Maybelline itself.
    Tanveer, I've been hunting for that Jergens you recommended instead of the beeswax n cant locate it anywhere!! I tried from beauty planet to premsons.
    Oh and I've been gifted 2 grand voucher for Lush...any idea what I should get? I'm thinking their skin drink moisturizer which is just fab for my dry/combination skin(but if jergens works its charm then I'll stick to khadi w/pure jasmine) and the angels on bare skin cleanser.
    How've u been? Saw the film yet?

  15. @neha: You'll get that Jergens cream at Alfa - 1 (Irla) as well as Beauty Centre (Khar)

    Wow, 2 grand voucher from Lush! Woohoo!

    You can get Angels on Bare Skin. I have used this and found it to be pretty good. I stored it in the freezer though to prevent spoilage. Other than that I am clueless as I have not tried anything else from LUSH.

    No, yet to see the movie.. But I heard it is doing well. Congrats! Feeling much better now, still avoiding outside food though. Makes me feel ill. Thks for asking :)

  16. ohh....its really sad that u are allergic to lippie smell but i have used this lipstick...its good for me...

  17. Revlon does make excellent lip products :D

    on that note, do you have any idea if they still make their super lustrous lipsticks or whether they've been discontinued?

  18. @Rakshanda: Most people love the caramel smell it has.. The lipstick itself is good. Even I liked the texture and quality.

    @Ki:Sorry babes, No idea on the super lustrous lipsticks. Will let you know if I see them.

  19. I got some as a wedding gift.... they are delish! the ones i have are cream glosses, pigmented with shimmer in them... they easily last 4-5 hours, a meal and several cups of coffee....

  20. No prob! Waiting for the swatch :)

  21. I have another review request Tanveer! If possible, could you review the colorbar warm eyeshadow palette? I'm thinking of it as a rakhi gift :P

  22. You haven't been exposed to the delectable yet completely wasteful LUSH??? Let me see if i can't do something about that! hmph.

    Thanks for the Jergens tip! Some ppl are heading to the US, you want to review a brand from there or compare? Feel better ya! Take Care xoxo

  23. @Ki: Sure.. I'll do the review in a day or two :)

    @Neha: LOL... delectable & wasteful, now that is a very nice description of LUSH :)

    Yr most welcome for the jergens bit - i hope u find it now :P

    Thks for the offer for prdts frm US.. lemme think about it :) But Thks for all yr best wishes :D

  24. I havent tried them yet .. but after the review ,, I'm definitely getting Hooked on Pink lipgloss !!


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