Maybelline Unstoppable Expresso Liner Swatches

HD wanted to see swatches of this product. I have swatched the Maybelline Unstoppable Liner in these picture just once.

Yes, what you see below is a single swipe, done at one shot.

The pigmentation and colorpayoff for this liner is just mind-blowing. 2-3 swipes on the eye gives a dark, deep, intense chocolate brown color that I just can't get enough of.

Thanks Rima for introducing this gem to me :).

Read the original review here

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Tanveer..
    Back to ur blog after a loooong time..So how r u??
    And this is just what im looking for..TY :)

  2. That looks great and very pigmented!

  3. Looks really intense..its a steal in 200:)

    a great weekend to you too dear.

  4. a very very great weekend you too dear friend...hey it's looking great, I'll really want to buy it...great swatch

  5. Hey Thank you sooo much!!!! I def have to check this out now...only if it would work well on waterline as well :( but I guess nothing works perfect on waterline :(

  6. Wow...this sounds really nice!!!!

  7. Hi Tanveer,
    I mentioned in the previous post that this didn't work for me. Do you use this liner with a base or primer or just on its own? If you've used it by itself has it smudged or slid off?

    ~ poohkie

  8. @Ki: Thks

    @Belle: I know, where have u been? Glad to see you again, and hopefully, regularly now 
    I am fine, how have u been?

    @Gio: It is.

    @Anamika: It is an absolute steal ya..

    @Kim: I hope u like it too 

    @Rakhshanda: Thks :).. I hope u like it too

    @HD: I guess there is only so much a 200 buck liner can do.. It is def not good on the waterline

    @Simran: Thks :)

    @Poohkie: Too bad it didn’t work for you. I guess if one prdt worked for everyone, there wouldn’t be so many brands on the market..

    No Poohkie, I don’t use any primer or base with this liner. I haven’t used one in the swatch too. I don’t have that much time in the morning to use base/primers. By itself it has never slid off (except on the waterline). It stays put on my lower lash line and doesn’t smudge.

  9. Hey Tanveer,

    Got this liner as per your recommendation....As usual am very happy with the product ..the colour is amazing and it is truly unstoppable and guess what its the only liner which stay put even on my waterline lightens a bit but doesnt make me look scary...


  10. @Shweta: hey, thks a lot for the sweet comment. Glad it worked so well for you :)

  11. hey i did check this out but its showing up as black on me instead of brown but the liner is awesome

  12. @IMW: It is a very dark chocolate brown, so yes it may appear almost black on some people, but like a softer black.. I like this liner for precisely this wonderful shade that it has, dark enough to define, soft enough for daytime office wear :)

  13. *sigh* guess my lids are just too oily for this one...


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