Lakme Silk Route Quartet - Review

This is the second eyeshadow quartet in Lakme's Gypsy Collection - it is called Silk Route. Quality wise it is pretty much the same as Tanjore Rush. You can read my review of that here.

Color selection wise, this has two highly wearable day time shades - a peachy pink & a golden brown. Unlike Tanjore Rush colors - these two are passable for office, if applied with a light hand. The light pink peach color even works well as a highlighter for me for night time events.

I don't like the "too" bright magenta color it has. I am just not a fan of such bright shades.

But I absolutely adore that deep steel grey, gun metal eyeshadow! It is very pigmented, intense & excellent for doing a grey smokey eye. This is my favourite eyeshadow amongst both the quartets.

In all this is a good quad for those looking for slightly more subtle shades (barring that pink), and that steel grey is just awesome. I think Lakme should look at introducing this as a single eyeshadow. I am pretty sure it would fly off the shelves!

Have you tried this quad?

I was sent this product by the Company / PR for my consideration, but that has not affected my review in any way.


  1. i swatched it in the store and i fell in love with that grey..its one of the most stunning greys iv problem with these quartets is that the colours dont work well together..they should omitted some colours and just ut together one quartet which gives a complete look

  2. @P&B: I agree! I think they should replace that bronzy brown in Tanjore Rush with this grey & sell it as a quad - now that will be an awesome buy - smoky mehndi green, gold, purple & steel grey :D :D

  3. Try using the grey and magenta together...blend well and you might end up liking the look. I do Tanveer and i am telling you from experience :D

  4. this seems to be a decent buy

  5. just wondering that can we store powder eyeshadow and blush in the fridge to prolong their shelf life like how we do with lipsticks and liquid foundation?

  6. @BeautyDiva: Tht is an excellent idea.. I'll def try it out :D

    @Retnu: Hmmm, yes u didn't like Tanjore Rush coz it had shimmery shades, compared to that, yes this is more subtle. If you ask me I like Tanjore Rush more than this :)

    @Amy: Errr... I don't even store my lipsticks or liquid foundation in the fridge. They seem to last long enough outside & I really don't even know anyone who stores makeup in the fridge. Skincare like toners, yes, people keep. I have no clue about Powder eyeshadow & blushes, I know that sometimes ppl keep things like cream blushes or lipsticks that have melted to heal them - but that's temporary..

    @Bhumika: na? I love that grey shade!

  7. oh ok was just wondering since i read it online. thnks

  8. I think lakme should sell individual powdered eye shadowds instead of compact ones which dont give much colour payoff even though the shades look so pretty in the quad.

    I like using them wet- gives great colour and staying power too

  9. i will make a tutorial using this quad..shared your link on facebook..i love your blog :)


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