Lakme Tanjore Rush Quartet - Review

What Lakme claims: Versatile quartets of vivid, high intensity powders put together to color, shape and highlight your eyes in an explosion of radiant color

Tanjore Rush Quartet

Discover two new sparkling sets, Silk Route and Tanjore Rush, that’ll fire your creativity

Price: Rs. 425/-


1. Really pigmented shades. The swatches below are without base/primer.

2. Although the quad is not co-ordinated, all 4 colors are very pretty shades individually. I really liked them all, they are perfect for wearing to parties & wedding functions. I think they should suit all skin tones.

3. They stay on for about 2 hours after which they begin to fade little by little.


1. They are a little difficult to blend, their texture is a little different from other eyeshadows that I have which are a little more powdery & silky. These are more densly packed in texture than a powder. They tend to adhere onto the skin.

2. All shimmery shades - in my case this palette is not going to used very often, with the exception of the brown shade which maybe applied sheerly for office. Rest all are night time vibrant colors

3. Using a base/primer is must if you want these to last longer than two hours

4. The sponge tipped applicator is, ummm, well, use it only in an emergency.
Would I recommend this: Yes, if you are looking for vibrant eyeshadows to wear to parties.  I really like the smokey menhdi green the best. The other shades of gold, coppery brown & purple are nice too. In all a good quad with really nice shades that should suit all skin tones.

This product was sent to me by the Company / PR for consideration, but that has not affected my opinion of the same.


  1. the colors really look interesting...but for me this collection is a miss except for the blush n kajal

  2. @AOYV: Thanks! I too quite like the colors they chose - very festive :)

    @HD: Ohhh, the kajal & the blush are like the killer apps of this collection - everyone's gotta have them :D.. I love them too!

  3. i was about to buy it, but just gave it a miss, as i found it to be very shimmery...

  4. @Retnu: Yup these are shimmery, not for office wear, considering that most Indian women wear makeup only occasionally for weddings & parties - this is a good buy for them :)

  5. Lovely colors..i like them all. Thanks for the great review Tanveer :)

  6. beautiful colours and pigmented too

  7. the colors are striking.really bold and pigmented

  8. I love the purple in this


  9. @BeautyDiva: Glad u liked it! Thks. It is a pretty quad :)

    @Anks: Yup! :D Have u swatched these at the store?

    @IMW: Yup, they are. Perfect for those who love dressing up

    @Butterfly: They are :)

    @CZ: It is pretty! :)


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