Lakme Glide On Eye Color - Swatches

Some swatches of the Lakme Glide On Eye Colors. These are amongst my favorite eyeliners & I first tried these when I had got them as a part of the wedding makeup kit. You can read my review of these here.

I particularly like Glimmering Plum, Henna Gold & Baked Bronze, but I am not sure if these are still being sold. I thought I’d put up the swatches anyway, since some smaller towns might still be stocking them.

From L to R: Baked Bronze, Silver, Henna Gold, Bridal Pink, Metallic Black & Glimmering Plum
In Sunlight - From L to R: Baked Bronze, Silver, Henna Gold, Bridal Pink, Metallic Black & Glimmering Plum

In Shade: From L to R: Baked Bronze, Silver, Henna Gold, Bridal Pink, Metallic Black & Glimmering Plum
Baked Bronze: a light brown shade with same color shimmer - this has a hint of orange to warm it up.

Silver: This is plain icy-silver. This is very nice for the corners of the eyes & I also like using this for the lower lash line especially when doing a very modern funky look.

Heena Gold: This is the most complex color of the lot - a deep olive green shade with a lot of very fine golden shimmer. I love this one - upper lash line or lower lash line - it rocks everywhere.

Bridal Pink: This is a bright pink. I have really no clue why I got this, it just makes me look like I have conjunctivitis. I think it will look nice on someone dusky.

Metallic Black: A charcoal, grey light black with a bit of shimmer.

Glimmering Plum: A burgundy colored eyeliner with an undertone of purple to it. It is quite unlike any other purple eyeliner I have seen till date. I think this is perfect for those with green / hazel eyes. The combination of plum with purple really makes green eyes look exotic. I love pairing this with Henna gold/Metallic Black - Glimmering plum on upper lash line, Henna Gold/ Glimmering Plum on lower lash line.
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  1. haha..I just posted my review on these and then come here and see swatches!!!! LOL

    I didnt know they had silver in this range..I am loving Heena that pink one really good? I found that shade a bit weird...also how similar or different is glimmering plum n colorbar prunella ?

  2. i have henna gold, bridal pink and 2-3 more shades from the range that came out last. love the quality of these liners. bridal pink especially looks very unique.

  3. i looooved henna gold...and this bridal pink is beautiful too...generally pink eyeliners are not that pigmented but this one looks cool..

    loved it:)

  4. plum is pretty...i hav henna does come out on swatch bt hardly shows up on eyes..

  5. @HDL LOL!! Gr8 minds think alike :P

    Yup, they have/had silver. Bridal pink looks nice - but it looks really weird on my eyes - like I have been crying :P

    Glimmering Plum is a burgundy colored liner with an undertone of purple; Prunella is purple - no burgundy here.

    @Rima: Yup, these are very good quality liners.

    @Anamika: Even I love Henna Gold! Bridal Pink is pigmented - but I can't carry it off :P

    @Bhumika: Ohhh! Aww, too bad yaa, Henna Gold works perfectly for me & shows up well on my eyes - just like the swatch.

  6. I guess I'll give bridal pink a miss...Will check out glimmering plum next :)

  7. even i have most of the colors mentioned here.its a good buy :)

  8. hey tanz .... first of all .. belated happy b'day dear :) i had to rush to home town urgently so missed it ... love u dear and respect u for all your honest reviews :) may god bless you and all your wishes comes true :) Wishing loadsssss of good luck and health for you and your family ....

    now for the swatches :D .... i love and i have bronze but now i think i have to look around for heena gold :) its looking lovely

  9. wow! there are so many shades...when i was in chennai they only had three :(

  10. Which is better Lakme Eye Glide or Colorbar???

  11. The bronze and esp the henna gold looks really nice!!!

  12. I love these too. I have henna gold, baked bronze & smokey green. Unfortunately, like Bhumika, the henna gold colour doesn't show on me. And you're right, 3 colours - the pink, glimmering plum & another one - have been discontinued. I really wanted the plum one after reading your views on it :( BTW, how is the metallic black? Worth a buy?

  13. @HD: Yup, Bridal Pink is little weird. I think Glimmering Plum has been discontinued (thank god, i have a back-up)

    @IMW: Even I love these liners :)

    @Rashmi: Thks a lot, your wishes mean a lot to me, thank you for being so kind & generous :D.. I hope u like these liners

    @Abi: They have discontinued some, so maybe that is why

    @Aarthi: Honestly, I prefer these to colorbar - coz they are bit creamier - but that is pretty much the only difference between the two. You could go for either..

    @Simran: Yea, they are very pretty shades

    @Poohkie: Aww, try using henna gold smudged under the waterliner (on the lower lash line) might show up there.. I quite like glimmering plum, god knows why they discontinued it.. Metallic black is not really black, it is more like dark grey with a touch of shimmer - works for me as I can't wear black eyeliners (I look like a goth), this is the darkest I can go in black. Go for it if you need a nice shimmery dark grey liner.


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