Maybelline Chai Latte v/s Jordana eyeshadow singles

Nivedita had requested me to compare Jordana single eyeshadows with the Maybelline Chai Latte quad.

I think the following single colors from Jordana kind of correspond with the Maybelline Chai latte quad

Lid color = Jordana Café Latte
Crease = Jordana sunset
Outer Corner = Jordana Double Expresso
Brow Bone = Jordana Crème De La Crème (it is slightly lighter)

Pigmentation: Definitely Jordana. I find the Maybelline quad very sheer & low on pigmentation. While that may suffice for a quad full of purples or greens eyeshadows, it doesn’t work for me when it is already neutral to begin with. I *have* to use a primer/base with Maybelline. Jordana doesn’t need one compulsorily – though it does last longer (read 9 hours) when used with a primer.

Performance: I don’t know if Maybelline creases, becauses it rarely lasts longer than 2-3 hours on my eyes. Jordana definitely wears longer – it stays on my eyes for upto 5-6 hours without creasing.

Formula: The Jordana eyeshadow is definitely smoother & silkier when compared. It glides very easily onto the eyes & blends just as easy.

Price: Maybelline is cheaper – 4 colors for some 220 odd bucks. While in Jordana each eyeshadow costs 190. They used to be cheaper earlier - Rs. 129 - that is when I picked up most of my collection. I got the last two - Toast & Hot Cocoa for 190. Of course quantity is greater in Jordana.

My pick: Definitely Jordana. Doesn’t make sense to pick a quad that barely shows up on me. But if you are on a tight budget - then I guess maybelline it is.

You can read my review of Jordana eyeshadows here & for swatches please go here.


  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing. I was just thinking about picking up the Maybelline quad (if it is available to me in my Country) but maybe I'll hold off! xx.

  2. I have never tried the jordana ones. but as u said i make do with a maybelline quad with a primer underneath.

  3. nice comparison...I really want to buy some Jordana eye shadows but i haven't seen here this brand.

  4. i dont seem to get Jordana in pune :(

  5. last year people were going crazy about chai latte!! even i decided to try it too, bt then i thought if it doesn't stay, whats the use of wearing it!!
    Tanz, can u suggest me any other brand with dark brown,matte eyeshadow (quad will be best) that stays for long...

  6. nice comparision...if only 1-2 r gonna be more the crease color in chai latte is shimmery for everyday use..IMO its defintely wise to invest in 1-2 regular wear single ones..wud check out jordana..

  7. Thanks Tanveer. I was looking forward for this post. I have the grren quad from maybelline and it does ok. but the sea shore frosts quad is really low on pigments and looks very powdery. :( :(

  8. Is the lack of pigmentation something common across Maybelline eyeshadows/ palettes? Or was this one an exception?

  9. Thanks for the comparision. I love your choice...mine is similar to yours. I loved the swatches very much :)

  10. i wish u'd done this earlier.... i picked up chai latte and it just does not show on me :(

  11. i have used the chai latte and liked it very much. but then i have not used jordana so i cant compare them. i tried a few variations and found a very good blend of the chai latte quad. and actually maybelline quad used to stay on for very long durations, and it is quite cheap. writing this made me realise that i really really used to like it.. :)

  12. @Safia: Try out the quad - if you like sheer eyeshadows then you might like it.

    @IMW: The quad works pretty well with a primer underneath.

    @Rakhshanda: Jordana is available mostly in Mumbai I think.

    @Retnu: Aww! You shd drop by Mumbai sometimes - it is just 2 hr drive :D

    @Prerana: I'll have to think.. I think NYX has a couple of palettes as does Bourjois (smoky effet) - you could try those.

    @Bhumika: I agree, Jordana is better investment

    @Nivedita: I hope this helped :).. try using a base/primer underneath sea shore - it might work :)

    @SpeakingChic: I have two maybelline eyeshadow palettes - Time for Wine (purple) & Chai Latte (Brown) - both have pigmentation issues, and as I can see from comments above - their other quads like Sea Shore also suffers from it. Maybe they designed them as sheer eyeshadows - I don't know what the problem is.

    @Beautydiva: Thks :D

    @Anks: awww! try using a primer underneath.

    @Ginger: So glad it works well for you :)


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