Jordana InColor Luxury Eyeshadow - Review

What it claims:
  • Premium Pigments; Matte, Shimmery & Pearlized
  • Triple-Milled; Luxurious Velvety Finish
  • Long-Lasting Stay Fresh Color
  • Crease-Resistant Formula
  • Sponge Applicator Included
Price: Rs. 129 per single eyeshadow (2.3 gms)

Where: New Beauty Centre

Colors I have:
  • Storm Watch: Silver Grey with white shimmer
  • Creme Da La Creme: Warm Ivory with shimmer (I use this as highlighter on the browbone and also in the corners of my eyes)
  • Mimosa: Warm Peachy Orange
  • Sunset: Warm Copper with self colored shimmer
  • Cafe Latte: Matt light brown
  • Hot Cocoa: Walnut Brown with shimmer
  • Mocha Frost: Taupy Brown
1. The quality of these eyeshadows is very good, they are very finely milled and go on very smoothly on the eyelid even without a base/primer
2. The pigmentation is awesome! Unlike some eyeshadows which *need* a primer or else they won't show up, these are pigmented enough to show up without the primer too
3. Economical. Unlike most girls, I prefer to get eyeshadow singles rather than pre-defined palettes. I have noticed that singles tend to be of better quality and this gives me more freedom to choose and pick only those colors that I know I will wear.
4. The packaging is pretty sturdy and makes it very easy to carry with you. The sponge applicator is of good quality - but it is just an applicator, it is not so good to blend with. Also the small window on top makes it easy to pick out the color you need.
5. I have never experienced any fallout from these eyeshadows. There is a bit of creasing through once you cross the 4 hour mark of wearing these
6. They have never irritated my eyes or skin.

1. Lasting power is an issue. Even with a primer, these last for only 4 to 5 hours. After which they begin to fade.

Will I re-purchase: Yes! I love these eyeshadows despite the lasting power of only 6 hours. They have a huge range in browns, are economical and great for daily wear. They are easy to carry along coz they are so tiny and so I generally am able to touch up on these every 4 hours making it easy to avoid the fading.


  1. hey can the mocha frost or hot cocoa be used as a bronzer, if yes, then this is a sure buy for me

  2. @Retnu: Mocha frost is a a little greyish purple mixed with brown - a taupe brown. It certainly won't look natural as a bronzer. Neither will Hot Cocoa as that a deep dark brown with shimmer. Jordana has a huge range of blushes that has a number of bronze / brown shades, I think you should try those as bronzers.

  3. oh ok, i have never explored Jordana, seems like i should be doing it ;)

  4. Jordana is a very good brand. Their stuff is decent and they are priced very economically. I reviewed their blushes here:

  5. Never knew Jordana have eyeshadows too..will give them a try..:)

  6. hmmmmmmm even I never saw their eye shadows at beauty palace,crawford market...will check out next time

  7. @Anks: I don't know how they compare to MAC, but I do like these better than Lakme and even Maybelline quads

    @IMW: The brand is rather tiny & easy to miss. That crawford market store is so congested at times.

  8. hey thanks went through the review, i am so buying it...Muaah

  9. waitng for my NBC trip...wud go after exams for sure....!!

  10. Hey haven't tried this brand as yet.... But guess I really should. And sorry for the lack of comments on your previous posts....Very busy.

  11. Nice review Tanveer! Jordana has some pretty good stuff huh? I haven't tried much from them except a couple of glosses and they were decent :)

  12. I think I shud explore more of jordana..specially e/s

  13. Haven't tried Jordana makeup. I really wanna try the blushes. The eyeshadows sound decent, but I don't like buying singles


  14. I never thought Jordana as a good brand they have nice range though. i guess should start using jordana :)


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